Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dylan ~ Shoes.

The thing with baby shoes are that the kids tend to outgrown it fast. Whereas Esther and I would love to get Dylan a pair of those "oh so cute and kewl" baby shoes from one of those labels for his birthday, we cleared our head and decided not to, as it would be a case of money not well spent One of the things I like about this country's shopping experience is that most local stores would carry some really nice (and logically) priced children's shoes and clothing. They are comfortable and fit for children too, which is the most important. Of course with those posh labels, we would earn bragging rights and they are indeed really nice looking but it is simply not worth it. Not that we would want Chloe and Dylan to be simply clothed in banana leaves or a jute-fibered burlap shoes. To make up for them, I pledge, "Chloe, Dylan, dad will promise to get both of ya some really nice Alden and Manalo Blahnik or whichever still in vogue by then, when both of ya reach 18. Even mom and dad do not own those. That's how much we love both of you and please do not fret when both of you look back into these photos of yours wearing Kiki Lala, Poney, Crocs and Bubblegummers". I hope I remember...

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