Sunday, 28 June 2009

Leather Suspender.

I got this leather suspender as part of the Nevada Jean 1880s package. Not being a "suspender person", I tried to give it away, sell it (couple of enquiries but maybe I am abit too ambitious about the price I was asking) but it is still around, so I decided to carry out a little novice experimentation with it. Being "raw" ie treated but not stained, I decided to do what the leather gurus have been doing sometimes, tanning it and see for myself what is all the fuss about. I applied bit of mink oil to avoid total dry out, then put it under direct sun for at least a week. Some days, I have to bring it back in again as the raining season seems to start again but nevertheless it is total heat to the skin. Though I could see the difference when I turned the suspender around and compare the color but it wasn't up to my expectation yet. Maybe I would tan it a couple of days more and see how it goes.


shah said...

hi there,

Very happy to see that you are also into vintage jeans. Especially Levis.

I am here in Malaysia.

Interested with the leather suspenders.

do contact me through my email

Fat Gecko said...

Hi shah. Thanks for dropping by. Will contact you soon on the leather suspenders.