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Michael Jackson : August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009.

And It Doesn't Seem To Matter
And It Doesn't Seem Right'Cause
The Will Has Brought
No Fortune
Still I Cry Alone At Night
Don't You Judge Of My Composure'
Cause I'm Lying To Myself
And The Reason Why She Left Me
Did She Find In Someone Else?
~ Who Is It?

You'll Never Make Me Stay
So Take Your Weight Off Of Me
I Know Your Every Move
So Won't You Just Let Me Be
I've Been Here Times Before
But I Was Too Blind To See
That You Seduce Every Man
This Time You Won't Seduce Me
~ Dirty Diana.

As He Came Into The Window
It Was The Sound Of
A Crescendo
He Came Into Her Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains
On The Carpet
She Ran Underneath The Table
He Could See She Was Unable
So She Ran Into The Bedroom
She Was Struck Down,
It Was Her Doom
~ Smooth Criminal.

Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty,
now I'm tired of bein' the victim of shame
They're throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can't believe this is the land from which I came
You know I do really hate to say it
The government don't wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin'
He wouldn't let this be, no, no
~ They Don't Really Care About Us.

Tired of injustice
Tired of the schemes
The lies are disgusting
So what does it mean
Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds
The whole system sucks
~ Scream.

Just Stop Doggin' Me Around
~ Leave Me Alone.

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain...
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth its weeping shores?
~ Earth Song.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change
~ Man In The Mirror.

The King Of Pop has died. Michael Joseph Jackson was pronounced dead from possible cardiac arrest at 2.26pm (5.21am local time) on June 25th 2009. He was 50. The entire world was both sadden and buzzed with tonnes of information and news. The last time I remembered someone who passed on which generated so much point of discussions were Princess Diana and Leslie Cheung. Personally, he is the one and only King Of Pop and throughout the entire 80s, not a single solo artist would even come remotely close to what he had achieved throughout that decade (okay, maybe Madonna but perhaps only in terms of image re-invention and popularity). The entire world would sing and moonwalk with him (my earliest memory of him was during Grammy Awards back in 85 or was it 84...couldn't remember for sure but there he was, moonwalking on the stage, sweeping every awards there was that night with Thriller, his monster hits of an album. Incidentally, I also remembered The Police being remotely close to defeat him that night for best song with "Every Breath You Take"). As a solo artist, he would go on to hold and broke so many industry records and standards that it is breathtaking to re look into these achievements. He also launched a personal humanitarian objectives, sang in World Aid, visited numerous countries for peace and societal welfare. And I think MJ genuinely wanted a change in the society. which themes were iIncorporated into many of his songs which crossed racial divide and transcends across different cultures.. His popularity was so great that at one point in time, I could always order a Pepsi-Cola and eventually soya drink with cincau by saying to the kopitiam fella, "satu Michael Jackson with ice". I always looked forward his music videos ever since I saw "Beat It" on RTM those many years ago as a kid. Who wouldn't? His music videos were ground breaking in terms of special effects and always accompany by a brief snippets of storyline, like the groundbreaking "Thriller" video, which had the late Vincent Price providing the scary voice and directed by non other than John Landis. His songs are genuinely catchy and melodic, although most of it was produced by top ranking producers such as Quincy Jones, MJ formidable musical knowledge and experiences (he was trained from young in all things musical and became the anchor point for the Jackson Five) ensures that he contributed in an equivalent degree of importance to each of the lyrics as well. He could access to anyone and anything he wants, even marched with armies of the world. He duet with Paul McCartney, had Eddie Van Halen and Slash as his guest guitarists amongst others. His songs are a mix of ballads as well angst ones. Just look at some his lyrics. It is not all dainty and sweet. It could be quite heavy and dark at times. As such each of his albums, from Thriller to Dangerous, contain songs for everyone. At one point, he was the most important icon to the music industry, His live concerts were pyrotechnics extravaganza, fantasy like costumes but most of all his almost boundless and explosive energy to maintain his dance routine (who can dance like him?) to the enrapture of his ardent fans, who were in millions (He came to this country only once, around mid 90s and I rue till this day for not being able to make it). MJ voice ranges from being graceful, aggressive, natural as well as smooth. He also like to do that hiccup like thing in most of his songs which has since become one of his signature. His attire was loud, like the shiny army like jacket with the white glove as well as ankle trouser showing the white socks. As his popularity exploded, his eccentricities were becoming more and more documented (skin color changes, facial appearance changes, antics with pet chimp Bubbles, obsession with Peter Pan-like eternal youth, shopped like there was no tomorrow etc.), nicknames aplenty (The Gloved One, Wacko Jacko etc.), even urban legends were woven about his personality and behaviour (slept in oxygenated tent, bought The Elephant Man skeleton etc.). MJ comes across as a really shy and nice guy in the interviews I saw. It was as if he would become alive once he was on stage. He was the real deal, an entertainer who would never say no. He would denied all these accusations. Eventually, as the 80s curtain fall and the 90s begin, MJ would momentarily held on his throne for a little bit more before changing public opinions, continuing onslaught of tabloids and media, music taste (dawn of grunge) as well as highly damaging accusation of being a child molester and possible paedophile, subsequent legal entanglement and financial ruin would brought it all down on his once majestic music empire. MJ was due to return actively to music with an announcement of a series of tours this year but sadly, it would never materialise. Michael Jackson is survived by three children. two from his second marriage and the youngest through a surrogate mother. The King may be gone (too soon) but his songs live on.

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