Sunday, 5 July 2009

Dylan ~ Like A Rolling Stone.

Dylan has become incredibly active since turning one. My personal observation is that it is like a switch. Once Chloe and Dylan pass a certain age, a whole new set of personality and behaviour starts coming. Chloe has become more "creative" with her choice of words during her conversation with Esther and I as well as more demanding than before (like refusing to go to kindergarten...headache). And Dylan would have these boundless energies to go about touching and grabbing anything he fancies. And he does it like a praying mantis striking at a prey, at lightning speed. My spectacle frame especially has fallen victim to his "shadow hand" many times. After that, like a battery which needs recharging, Dylan would quiet down and rest. I used to be worried and confided to Esther that Dylan was a bit quiet and docile for a boy, generally speaking. Looks like my worries are unfounded.

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