Thursday, 9 July 2009

Michael Jackson's Ghost?

Even in death, strange rumours surrounding the late King Of Pop still circulates like an un quenchable wild fire, including him touring as a hologram for the upcoming tour as well as having his brain removed after his death. And the latest may just top it all. It was first reported by British tabloid The Sun and since then, millions had hit the Internet for a view of the video. Not only because it was caught on tape, it was part of the CNN Larry King Live "Inside Neverland" programme of which the host Larry King was interviewing Jermaine Jackson, one of MJ's brothers and Mika Brando (son of the late Marlon Brando), who was a close friend of MJ, was being interviewed while walking through the late King Of Pop former abode. Roughly about eight and a half minutes into the interview, shadowy figure was observed passing the end of a corridor whilst they were in MJ's bedroom. Furthermore, the newsman and the cameraman failed to notice the shadow when they were filming. The believers are claiming that this is the "ghost" of MJ. The sceptics are saying it was just that, a shadow, of some one walking by a window. Some even say it was some sort of sick joke. Incidentally, Ghosts is a short film starring MJ and directed by late film director and special effects guru Stan Winston back in 1997. I say, just leave the King alone and let him rest in peace.

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