Thursday, 16 July 2009

Red Wing Boots 877.

Got this pair of RW from their Pertama Complex only retail store in this country yesterday. This model, the 877, was perpetually within my radar of interest since forever but somehow, I always missed owning a pair. This is the classic RW boots, basically the one with heritage roots going back all the way from the 1950s. Comes with the famous cushioned crepe wedge sole with "Traction Tred for non-slip flexibility" and a "full grained, oil tanned oro-ginal, Oro Russet leather". Supposedly, one of the popular function of the white crepe sole (which contrary to general consensus, feels more like two pieces of wood planks stitched onto the uppers, most likely I haven't break them in with my dainty feet) was so that "it would not pick up dirt from working and the white crepe sole made sure the farmers wives could check for clean boots when entering the home".


Khairul Ashraf Muhamad said...

how much for this pair? and if i may ask, how much a beckman 9016 cost if buy from pertama complex RW shop?

Fat Gecko said...

Hi Khairul. Thanks for visiting my blog. I could not remember exactly how much it cost exactly but I think it was around RM800.It is ironic but I saw a specialised shoe shop called Sole What at 1Utama carrying one and others just today! But no Beckman. I am also currently saving up for a pair of Beckman and Iron Range myself. And I haven't been to Red Wing Pertama for some time. My suggestion is to call them first to see if carry any. If not try Rakuten online, search for a pair, and buy it from there through their internatinal proxy service. If not, try my preferred proxy for all things Japanese, SharpService. You can email/contact Hide-san at
You will need to have a PayPal account set up first. Hope this helps and enjoy your Red Wing!