Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blogspot Getting Blocked?

Shortly after my last post just now, it seems some "ghost in the machine" is at work. First, I could not upload any photos. Then it can after I clicked on HTML format instead of "compose" but only one photo. After trying again, it worked back normally. Then, whilst browsing through favourite blog sites, suddenly I was blocked from entering my own blog. No amount of re-entering the passwords or re-starting the connection would change the situation. Some funny alphabets with numerals appeared and requested me to contact Blogger Support or Help Center or something like that. Being first time occurrence, I followed their instruction which was basically a merry go round kind of thing. Let's just say it wasn't very helpful. Now, after trying to calm myself down with a ciggie, I tried and worked once more. But I have a nagging feeling it is just temporary relief. So, this might be the last post from this blog and if there were no longer any new posts, it means I have decided to revert back to the old method of keeping my memories for the two precious via a good old hand written journal...midori's travelling journal maybe?

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