Monday, 17 August 2009

Dylan - Walking.

Pics taken around mid July 09, Dylan has become even more "rambunctious" ever since he began to walk. Climbing chairs, sofas, beds and then tumble on to it. He enjoyed all the activities even more if Chloe is around to accompany him, although, sometimes he would get pushed to the floor by Chloe and particularly, Suetch. But I observed he is now adapting to the situation and is capable of retaliating back at them, usually by raising his voice and show displeasure by feigning a cry. Occasionally, Dylan would even attempt to hit them back. Of course I discourage such acts from them, and would exasperatingly explain to them that it is not right to fight or push each other. But it could be difficult at times. Dylan also picked up quite a number of words, although coaxing him to express those words may be futile at times. He prefer to surprise Esther and I by saying it out of the blue or only if he sees a particular object of which the word is associated to. Gosh, Dylan and Chloe grow up fast, it seems like only yesterday that I held both of them in my arms at the delivery room. Sniff Sniff...

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