Sunday, 13 September 2009

At The Pasar Malam.

Went to Puchong, near the Kampung Baru town for dinner with family last Saturday, bumped into Ah Mou and Ah Pak with Sasa, Pin and MOM, who was at their house since morning playing mahjong (when Ah Mou's in town, its mahjong all round). The Chinese restaurant serves great soup with chunks of fish meats in clay pot (so much so that we went again today). Outside a pasar malam was in progress. I think it is the first time Chloe and Dylan experienced the din and noises of a pasar malam. I enjoy a pasar malam, but with the A(H1N1) pandemic still over our heads, I was abit uncomfortable over the environment. They were particularly fascinated at the toys store selling all sorts of MYR 5 to 10 battery operated vehicles and dolls. Bought them a cat and dog toys which, seen at the demo, could walk and meow and bark. But alas, the dog malfunctioned once we switched it on at home while the cat lasted for only two days before it went KO. As for me, I was quite keen on some firecrackers on display. Perhaps I should not allow such opportunity to pass me by.

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