Monday, 23 November 2009

Chloe and Dylan - Desecrating The Wall.

Esther went for a business trip across the border for a week, so Chloe and Dylan are left under my sole supervision...I think I am bit lagging in terms of disciplinary action...both precious took the opportunity to "mark" the bedroom wall! Esther will not be pleased...We also successfully weaned off Chloe's dependance on the pacifier and bolster. Last evening, she subtlely asked me to bring her to the cabinet which contained a cup with cover and asked me to open it for her to see, and to my great surprise, her pacifier was there! I have no idea that Esther (or maybe Mom) hid it there. Chloe must have seen them done so previously. Thus she happily got back her pacifier whilst I got an earful from Esther from across the border...

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