Monday, 4 January 2010


Watched 9 last night, an animated film by Shane Acker, produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov. It tells the tale of 9, and eight other, a foot tall, rag doll like creatures and how they might hold the key to eventually saves humanity from extinction. The dolls are created by a scientist whom has previously created a machine for the purpose of helping humans and gives it "life" by attaching a headgear device of some sort but the one-eyed cyclopean machine lack "humanity and soul" and proceeds to destroy humans instead (the story takes place in an alternative late 30s to early 40s European city, under a fascist rule of a chancellor). After some unspecific time, all humans are erased from existance due to the onslaught of armies of machines created by the cyclop. The rag dolls individually contain a part of the dead scientist "soul", thus one can be brave, another creative, stubborn and so forth. In the end, the remaining dolls manage to defeat the cyclop, which uses a talisman like device to absorb fallen dolls "soul", and there is a strong suggestion that the freed "souls" would "seed" the place for humanity to begin anew once more. I kinda enjoy the movie, particularly the settings, and designs which evokes strong "steampunk" trend. Most noticeable is the eerie, snake like machine which stiches up captured dolls and "swallow" them, only to regurgitate them when presenting them to the cyclop.

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