Thursday, 28 January 2010

Chloe - New Bicycle.

...reckoned it's time for Chloe's bike to be upgraded, having outgrown the existing ones (plastic tricycle type from Giant). Esther forbid me to get Chloe one till her birthday, but I couldn't wait, so I sneaked to the nearby bike shop where I found a simple Raleigh for kids approximately her age and kinda like the color too. Reminds me of Vespa. They have Shocking Pink and Blinding Blue but that's kinda loud, as well as general perception that pink for girls and blue for boys. Coz I want Chloe to pass the bike to Dylan eventually (sorry for the handing down rule Dylan but a) you guys will probably outgrown the bike and make it inadequate in couple of years time b) your old man had blown all his cash on impulse buying of plastics and denims and c) Dad will get each of you a nice bike when you guys are ready for it ok?

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