Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hot Toys MMS The Spirit : Silken Floss plus DID Tim Becker version SD.

...occasionally, there would be one or two popular categories of figure which are generally part of a collector's/toy enthusiast's collection. The dreaded Sicherheitsdienst (SD) of the Schutzstaffel (SS) Nazi party would be one of them. Maybe it is because of the combination of colors and design which screams "power", that attract in the first place. Originally formed as a small paramilitary group providing security to the Fuehrer, the SS grown into a truly formidable organisation in a matter of few years, with its own rank structure, unit insignias and uniforms. The all-black SS uniform is designed by by SS-Oberführer Prof. Karl Diebitsch (mmm, doesn't it read like Karl the b***h?) and graphic designer, SS-Sturmhauptführer Walter Heck (now, that rhymes with what the heck), and usually manufactured via camp prisoners under forced labour condition. Interesting fact which I did not know until now is that Hugo Boss happened to be one of the manufacturers. The SS, under Himmler leadership, and via the SS Einsatzgruppen death squads established by his deputy Heydrich, is often singularly identified as the group that carries out horrific acts of genocide within occupied countries and accounted for numerous war crimes as well as crimes against humanity. During the war years, the SS infiltrated every political organisations and became truly a force to be reckoned with, up to the closing curtain of WW2. This include setting up the SD to take over the intelligence role of the Gestapo, the state and federal policing duties, as well as by forming own combat group called the Waffen-SS, actively involve in the front line battles, comprising mostly of former concentration camps officers. As written in the history of WW2, we all know eventually what happened to these bunch of crazy nutters by the end of the war. For the record, I bought the DID SD as I thought I would like to kitbash a Kroenen (of Hellboy movies) and sort of fit it into the Kerberos alternative history storyline but walter heck, it all didn't work out (as well as DID figures keep getting better with all the details and stuff) as planned. Somewhere in the corner of my puny little imaginative mind, I would like to see these two figures as antagonists to the alternative Colonel Markus Von Stauffenberg...I also could not resist one of the Hot Toys' The Spirit character with the buxomy Scarlett Johanssen as Silken Floss, though I did not watch the movie. The figure has soft, rubberised body. Now, how did they come up with that? If only Triad Toys thought of that for their Otaku female figures ;P. DID first version of T. Becker is supposedly based on actor Robert Knepper on his portrayal of the psychopath Thedore "T-Bag" Beckwell in the series Prison Break. I thought the figure kinda looks like a laughing fool but true to DID standards, the materials and tonnes of badges (the SD just love their badges) work extremely fine for me. And both are issued in 2009. Both face sculpts varies from the actual resemblance, but it alright. On a separate note, I thought that I get goosebumps each time I look at the SD...evil perhaps?

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