Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Brother Production ~ Blade Hunter (Blade Runner).

Name : Rick Deckard.
Age : Unknown.
Occupation : Former member of the Blade Runner Unit (registration no. B-263-54), Replicant-Detection Division, LAPD.
Std. Armaments : Voight-Kampff (a form of lie detector machine which measures contractions of iris muscle and the presence of invisible airborne particles emitting from body. Used primarily by a Blade Runner to determine whether a suspect is truly human or Replicant, by measuring the degree of his/her emphatic response through a series of carefully worded questions and statements); Shimago Dominguez PKD (Plager Katsumate series-D) blaster, Adidas Official (Blade Runner special issue version) tactical boots ;)
Current status : Unknown.
...got this lately, produced by the "mysterious" Brother Production (which lately, has gotten within my radar for 1/6th figure, due to their knack for producing some interesting characters - Vincent from The Collateral and coming by end of this month, Roy Batty - tend to be overlooked by major producers due to lack of interest or "arsenals" perhaps?). I got to know the existence of "Blade Hunter : The Future Hunter" (obviously due to licensing right, or lack of), via toyhaven (perhaps one of the few, most reliable/info packed toy blog around) and knew back then that I have to get one. Accuracy is nearly there, from certain angle, you could feel that this is Harrison Ford (including the scar on the chin). The clothing (trench coat comes with wire at the bottom), accessories (the PKD blaster, wallet with ID and pics of Ford as Deckard and badge, an analog wrist watch, which I left alone due to the "pain" of making it wear on the figure, and of course the "Deckard is a replicant, end of discussion" unicorn origami) are OK but not spot on (well, admittedly I have been pretty much pampered by the higher QC of Hot Toys and others). I don't quite like the holster though, but I am leaving it alone for now. It comes with an alternative "battle damage" head sculpt, but again maybe for later. The one thing which I cheekily change immediately are the shoes. Now, we all know the brand with three stripes is the preferred choice for Blade Runners of 2012 LA (the question is whether it is Official or Stan Smith, well, who cares?), so I swapped it with a tactical version (could not find any 1/6th scale of Official and Stan Smith, in full bodied black) easily available currently, which I think adds "flavour" to the figure. Overall, a satisfactory addition to the "plastics". Beggar can't be chooser, isn't it?

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