Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back At Esther's Hometown - Malacca.

Back to Malacca for the weekend recently (after having tormented by numerous phonecalls from Esther's mom for "no show" for nearly six months!). As usual, Esther's mom whipped up some great, delicious meal for lunch and dinner. Kar Yau "customised" a cook top with a table top gas hob for her cooking activities...at the backlane! But, unlike "matured" backlane, the residential area is still fairly new, so it wasn't as filthy as I thought it would be. Furthermore, Esther's mom is really, really good at growing various veggies, which she planted on various discarded plastic containers. Her secret recipe for growing such lovely veggies and fruits are ikan bilis "extracts" plus the usual commercial fertilisers (of the chicken variety ~~~). The reason I am amaze with her are the size of these veggies. Giant, juicy ladyfingers, eggplants and white raddish amongst others. Yummy. Oh, yeah. The first thing Chloe and Dylan did was running to the giant pot to fiddle and try catching the guppies Kar Yau has. And no, Nicole is not drinking the "fish water" from the pot (as much as I would love to see her doing so hahahaha).

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