Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Replacing those 1/6 boots...

I always felt that the boots for HT's Major Dutch and Ma.K's female pilot are a tad small for them. Their current boots make them look like having "bound feet". Thus, got two pairs of new boots for both figures. Being a guy whom is not learnt in the manners of which military accessories go with what or the precise term for it, I have to rely on guess work based on the original. Thus got a ACE 1/6 Panama boots for Dutch and ACI 1/6 desert boots for Ma.K pilot. I reckoned that Dutch, whose storyline involving his encounter with the Predator took place in 1987, must have been issued a Vietnam era boots? As for Ma.K pilot, it is abit tricky, as I always view K. Yokoyama's sci-fi works as an amalgamation of WW2 era stuffs with a tinge of retro 80s sci-fi elements. Furthermore, human combatant visual references are comparatively few and far in between. Again, I had to rely on the original boots to see which other alternative boots are closest possible and proceed from there. It seems to be almost the same as the current military desert boots which are available online (but at least I won't spend hours trying to lace the darn boots up as in the case of Dutch). I would love to add at least a pair of knee protectors and body armour (what is it called? Molle? Alice? What da..?) on her, but again, I see Ma.K pilots and servicemen (and women) as wearing very little accessories (not even a sidearm). Practically, it is because the pilot would not be able to fit into the SAFS at all and secondly, the battles are presumably carried out in the scorching hot Australian desert (or some tropical countries). Nevertheless, I could not help but added DiD William Bowman's leather flight jacket and flight helmet (?) onto her. In this case, the "look" takes precedent over "practicality". Perhaps later, would also add an 80s sci-fi sidearm for her, if there were a right one around.

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