Thursday, 13 May 2010

Evisu No.1 20oz 20th Anniversary Edition.

We all know that Yamane gonna drop us a surprise or two (or maybe three) as 2010 is after all Evisu's 20th year in the replica denim business (technically, the 20th anniversary should be next year, as it was founded by Baldy-san in 1991). The first version of Lot 2001 in No.1 denim but 20oz (as in 20th anniversary lah...) was quietly put up for retail online couple of months back. I gave it a miss as I was bowled over by the more exciting No.0 purchased then. Then on Monday, the second version came out, with a cinch back. Now, I love cinch back, irregardless of how impractical it is in real life, I thought of ordering one but darn, like those Ashley Wood/3A toys, it sold out less than 12 hours! Hopefully more versions will come out as this is a chance to own some of the archived last 20 years release from the seagull catalogue (No. 0 Special Lot 1999....;P).

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