Monday, 12 July 2010

1/6 Bruce Willis - Last Man Standing Kitbash.

It's a funny thing.
No matter how low you sink...
there's still a right and a wrong...
and you always end up choosing.
You go one way so you can try to live with yourself.
You can go the other and still be walking around...but you're dead and you don't know it.
I was coming through Texas on my way to Mexico.
I needed some time to hide out.
I had spent most of my life on the dodge.
Drunk or sober, I got no complaints... even if I did get my hands dirty on the way.
Jericho was a jerkwater town maybe miles from the border.
Dirt streets, ramshackle buildings.
One thing for couldn't find it anywhere on the map.
For the most part, I was a big-city guy.
I like pavement under my feet... and bright lights after the sun goes down.
I figured this burg was just the kind of gassed up the car, got something to eat...and if you got stuck, maybe spent a night.
Then I got a look at her...
and that's when all the fun started.

I hadn't gotten a real warm reception...but I started thinking maybe this was my lucky day.
A crook for a sheriff...and two bootlegger outfits that hated each other.
If I played it right...I could make some easy money and move on.

The Italians were winning
in New York and Chicago...
but they weren't doing too good
in Jericho.

You know something, amigo?
I think I just spotted the chink in your armor.
When you go down...
it's going to be over a skirt.

For most of my life, I made my own rules.
You don't do any favors. You don't ask for any.
Watch the percentages.
But you can know the rules and still do the wrong thing.
The only thing I knew for sure was this...
Strozzi, Doyle...
and every son of a bitch that worked for them...
they were all going to be better off dead.

Name : Unknown.

Nickname : John Smith.

Aliases : The man with no name. The stranger, The fugitive, The independent.

Age : Unknown.

Armament : M1911A1 .45 caliber pistol x 2, Thompson Submachine Gun M1921 Caliber .45 x 1, switchblade x 1, couple of hundreds of magazines, thousands of .45 ACP cartridges, loads of Southern Comfort and cheap beer.

The 1992 movie may be a dud based on what I read from most film critics but it is a personal favourite of mine. Perhaps it is because of the stylishly executed "dancing bullets, double wielding handguns, akimbo style" ala John Woo's string of so-called Blood Opera movies i.e.A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled, The Killer etc. Maybe because of the dust filled, desolated landscape and monochromish background with equally monotonous narration by hung-dog looking Bruce Willis. I dunno for sure, I do like it enough to watch it several times. An official remade of Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo (1961), and preceded by another Hollywood remake (although not officially billed as such) by Sergio Leone's A Fistful Of Dollars (1964, Clint Eastwood), Last Man Standing sets the story in the late 20s or early 30s, perhaps nearing the end of the Great Depression/Prohibition Era period (instead of Samurai era and Spagetti Western style from both aforementioned movies respectively). It also pay some sort of tribute to John Woo type of movie via wielding of double hand gun which shoots endless bullets mowing down countless enemies and targets whom literally hurled through the air as the bullets hit them, lightning fast reload (with recoil special sound effect - which goes like drawing an extreme sharp sword - skink skink - and last visited, if I may recalled correctly by Wong Kar Wai's 1994 Fallen Angels). This kitbash is based on Brucie's character, with an excellent head sculpt from Virtual Toys (Sin City's Detective Hartigan), and all body, clothings from DiD's SD civilian version of T. Becker. The fedora hat is from some accesorries toy co as well but I could not remember. Coupled with a pair of DiD's M1911A1 (which is not accurate coz Bruce's character actually uses M1911 - differentiated by the "spade" design on the handle) and ACI's Tommy gun (metal but broke into two halves soon after unpacking), the machine gun which makes the "20s roar". It also serves as some form of 1/6th tribute to the 20s Chicago gangsters...pity I could not find any decent long overcoat ala Sam Mendes 2002 Road to Perdition style clothing in 1/6 currently. A kitbash of Tom Hanks as the Angel of Death Michael Sullivan would be nice...also this era type of 1/6 figure is severely under represented...

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