Friday, 16 July 2010

Enterbay ~ The Storm Warriors (风云II) : 1/6th Lord Godless (絕無神)

Name : Lord Godless i.e Juet Mo Sun (絕無神).

Weapons :
The Invincible Body Armour.
The Fiery Kirin Sword (火麟劍).

Martial art skills :
The Invincible Body Armour Stance (不滅金身).
The Deity Destroyer Fist.

Swordsplay styles :
The Heretic King Ten Armageddon Stance (邪王十劫).

...honestly, the Aaron Kwok head sculpt is slightly disappointing, but Simon Yam's made up for it. The HS is quite, nah scratch that, very close to the prototype pics and the real mccoy. The only complain? The figure pretty much can't stand properly at all and accessories are incredibly limited, just down to a pair of alternative relax, open palm hands. After being "conned" by Sam of XL to get the swords set (heh, let me get this right, we were discussing how Enterbay currently occupy the niche market of 1/6 figures representing HK films and actors, then asked whether the figures come with swords or not. I clearly remember Sam said no...NOW I AM STUCK WITH ADDITIONAL SWORDS!!! ARGH!). Then again, the detailing on the armour simply took my breath No infos in English available on this character at all, so I simply add some of the other characters martial art skills and swordplay styles to this guy. In my mind, this guy is really invincible, the numero uno martial arts warrior lord of the Fung Wan universe whom also would face both Wind and Cloud in the final showdown, leading the demise of all three characters, heh.


cloud said...

I loved Enterbay's Cloud figure. The head sculpts pretty dead on Aaron Kwok likeliness.
Btw Lord Godless relies solely on his indestructible golden body and kill fist technique. Another badass villain that doesn't need weapons.

Fat Gecko said...

Hi cloud ;)
Thanks for the visit.
Yeah. I totally agree that Lord Godless doesn't require any weapons. Dude is extremely powerful. Just that with the swords set from Enterbay, I really do not know what to do with them at that time, so I thought it would be nice to have Godless to go with one of the skeleton like sword as his personal weapon. Now, however, I thought by giving him a sword, it slightly diminish his ability and persona, oh well...