Saturday, 4 December 2010

Project BM 1/6th Scale Tetsuo Shima

"We are all made of stardusts".
...and here's the much anticipated companion piece to Kaneda, the need-not-introduce gila gila antagonist, Tetsuo Shima, from the, here I go again, epic 1988 anime movie, Akira (I wonder why I am reduce to such a fan boy each time I mention the movie?). Honestly, it is overprice as usual from Project BM (the DiD Nazi mountain trooper "Hanke" costs almost half of Tetsuo's and comes with tonnes of accessories and mountain "gears") but wot the heck, it's a companion piece. Put it simply, it is just something I could not miss after having Kaneda and his oh so awesome bike. Personal gratification is getting more expensive these days. I am still thinking about what to write about him in my own mis-intepretation sort of a nutshell, he is 15, pissed with the rest of the world, raging hormones, suffering from massive inferiority complex, occasional bullying and looked down by his so-called buddies. Plus he got a massive looking forehead...Think Carrie with the power of creating the cosmos and universe, and I reckon we wouldn't be too far off from what sort of person Tetsuo is or was...whatever. The Colonel must has lost his marbles for letting the scientists recruiting Tetsuo as the 41st subject. Now, how powerful is this kid? Depends. If based on the epic manga (ere I go again), he starts off by psycho kinetically ripping an orderly into pieces, blew a gang member's head off, committed a grand scale massacre by wiping out several gangs under one roof (literally) and as the story progressed, he can withstand extreme temperatures like near zero Kelvin kind of cold, fly, teleport, walk through solid objects, absorbs and takes control of mechanical machines (like the American fighter plane and aircraft carrier), sustaining himself perfectly fine in the vacuum of space, blew a massive crater onto the moon surface for fun, caused earthquakes, electrical storms, tidal well as more mind boggling stuffs like re-creating a mini Big Bang and time/space vortex which absorbs everything in its path....and all the while under massive massive dosage of super drugs to keep himself under control (we are talking about drugs and suppressants strong enough to kill a man a thousand times over), no wonder his mind and physical body gave out...he ended up with no personality and form, finally "taken" away by a "resurrected soul" of Akira to another place...???? I still have no idea what Otomo-san is tryin to say until today....

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