Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nirvana ~ Nevermind 20th Anniversary.

1991 - Didn't realise the impact the musical realm has had on me. So many good releases. And top amongst them is undoubtably Nevermind, the seminal, break through, sopomore album from the Seattle sound "grunge" band, Nirvana which re-defined the early to mid 90s musical direction and opened up numerous opportunities of previously cult-ish "underground"/"alternative" bands not heard amongst the mainstream music listeners and avoided by listener friendly radio stations. The 20th Anniversary edition has been officially announced, available late Sept 11, and is a must have, coz of arguebly the album which defined the early to mid 90s musical direction. Comes in two format - 2 CDs deluxe ed, and a 4 CDs + 1 DVD "super" deluxe ed., with the later said to be limited only to 40,000 copies worldwide.

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