Sunday, 11 September 2011

Enterbay ~ The Storm Warriors (风云II) : 1/6th Nameless (無名).

Name : Nameless aka Mou Ming (無名)
Aliases : Wai Ying Hung (韋英雄); Mou Ying Ming (慕英名)

Weapon : The Heroic Sword (英雄劍)

Swordplay Styles :
The Ten Thousand Reciprocating Swords Principle (萬劍歸宗)
The Swordplay of Nameless (莫名劍法)
The Sorrowful Swordplay of Nameless (悲痛莫名)

Martial Art Skills :
The Heavenly Sword Stance (天劍)

I waited, like a Cantonese saying, "until my neck got so long" for this figure to arrive. Well, not really arrive. It's just that Sam was kind enough to "pass on" one from their HQ due to another customer whom has not collected it for a quite a while. See, I was on the waiting list. And knowing the trend Enterbay is currently into right now, I would probably be 80 by the time it arrives. Just kidding. So is it worth the wait? Well, let's just say that the real deal looks way off from the prototype. Of all the Storm Warriors figures, Lord Godless has got to be the one closest to the prototype pics and the best. I just want to complete the set...

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