Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sim Yoon and Choo's Wedding Trip To Bali.

Courtesy of Choo and Sim Yoon's wedding, with Esther and Renee being chosen as one of the bridesmaid (hmm, isn't bridesmaid suppose to be single only to be eligible?), the family got to go on a nice 4 days 3 nights trip to Bali, staying near Kuta Beach at the Conrad Hotel. The two precious had great moments of their lives, first time on plane. I was quite panicky at first, coz I was worried they might be afraid to get on the plane or something like that. We didn't get to go anywhere, as most tourist destinations and attractions are vastly spread out, and Esther got her time full doing several rehersals for the actual event. And since Renee, whom Esther hasn't got in touch with for quite some time, was around, I looked after the kids, while the ladies go about the preparations and catch up with the times (Renee is now working for the International Red Cross, and constantly travels). Even though, the Conrad was great enough for us, beautiful and with a beach front (the Indian Ocean I told the two precious who then looked at me in an odd manner...) where we spent most of our time. We did go out but only nearby area when we need to shop for some wines for the reception. It was a church wedding and the church, known as Infinity Church, was one of the most modern, minimalistic and stylish churches I had ever been to. Alas, on the actual day itself, Chloe and Dylan threw quite a tantrum and cried for Esther. So, we actually had to witness the entire process from the outside window. But it was alright in the end. Thanks Choo, Sim Yoon for the invitation and making it a memorable trip for us.

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