Saturday, 14 January 2012


Rocky (1976) and The Wrestler (2008), are some of the great classics about sport and the personal lives of its character, which touches the heart and comes with "soul". Now I would add this 2011 movie to the list. Directed by Gavin O' Connor, and starring veteran Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy (last seen by me in 2010 Inception, and now almost unrecognisable as he beefed up tremendously for this movie, and for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises as Bane) and Joel Edgerton (last seen in The Thing prequel), this flick's 'bout the two brothers estranged relationship with each other and their father, all happenin' within the world of mixed martial arts tournament. Watch this and get ready for a heartfelt moment, particularly the intense climatic battle between the two brothers.

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