Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chloe & Dylan ~ KLCC.

Brought the family to KLCC. Busy with crowds as usual. Dylan just loves the fountains, so we decided to have breakfast at Dome. Both kids busy with the iPad as well. Having breakfast, looking at the scenery, fountains and having fun with iPad. They are better at multi-tasking than Esther and I. Dropped by Kinokuniya for books but couldn't find any which I had in mind - mostly graphic novels. Later, at Uniqlo. Ah Pek like me at a young to mid age range target market Japanese clothing store. Maybe I am too self conscious. But my self consiousness evaporated once I saw their Miles Davis tees collection. Grabbed two immediately. Where's Coltrane? Ah, then there's Garrett, absolutely nuts about their popcorn. Expensive but hey, once in a while, no harm I reckon.

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