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Paranormal Activity 1,2 & 3.

The Paranormal Activity films are a series of horror films based around a family and the haunting of the house by a Demon who has been troubling the family for years. Each film is set in the style of hand-held found footage.
In the first movie, young couple Katie and Micah are terrorised by a demon that Katie believes has been following all her life. The film is designed to look like a found footage-styled film with Micah filming the paranormal activity in their household.
Part 2 is a prequel to the first film and focuses on Katie's sister Kristi and her family as they are terrorised by a demon. Kristi's husband installs security cameras into each room of the house and it records the terrifying activity in the house. The film is also shot with a hand-held camera.
Part 3 is set in 1988 focusing on a young Katie and Kristi as the demon enters their lives for the first time and terrorises them. It is filmed with a hand-held camera once again, but this time it's filmed by Katie and Kristi's mother's boyfriend who uses his video camera to capture the activity.

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Finally watched the third movie of this spooky series. The stories all finally come together. Let's recap. In the first movie (2007), the story took place in 2006, based on found footage by the police, in the household of a young couple, Micah and Katie. They began to experience supernatural presence of a demonic entity. Kathy revealed that as a child, she had experienced the presence of an evil entity and believed that it has returned and followed her to their house. Micah, whom just got a video camera, set it up in their bedroom to capture any supernatural presence or activity (which did, and quite effectively too, as I was spooked). They consulted an expert on such matters whom warned them to get out of the house as he believed the entity was a demon as oppossed to a ghost, thus evil. Micah stubbornly decided to resolve the problem by himself. The movie ended with Micah being killed by a demon possessed Katie, and the last shot of her distorted face is indeed terrifying. The epilogue said that Micah body was found three days later and Katie's whereabout is currently unknown. An alternative ending was filmed with Katie being shot by the police when they entered the murder scene. The first movie was a box office hit and became sensational and spoofed many times over. Director Oren Peli focus on believability rather than action and gore. The dialogue was "natural" because there was no real script. The actors were given outlines of the story and situations to improvise, a technique known as "retroscripting" used in the making of The Blair Witch Project (1999). Also note that the characters' first names are the same as the actor and actress, Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston, as in The Blair Witch Project. The entire set was shot in Peli's own house, with some serious renovation. Peli also did extensive research into paranormal phenomena and demonology. The reason for making the supernatural entity in the story a demon was a result of the research pointing to the most malevolent and violent entities being "demons". The phenomena in the film take place largely at night—the vulnerability of being asleep because Peli believed that it taps into a human being's most primal fear.

Part 2 (2010) is a prequel, and directed by Tod Williams, with Oren Peli co-produced. It focused on Katie's little sister, Kristi and her family, and took place approximately three weeks before the occurance of the first movie. Kristi had given birth to a baby boy, Hunter. But no sooner, spooky occurance similar to the first film begin to occur. Also based on found footages, all the events were recorded by the various security cameras installed by her husband, Dan when a burglary occurred in their household at the beginning of the storyline. He also bought a video camera. Micah made a special appearance and was inspired by Dan to purchase a video camera. Katie appeared in certain scenes, and Kristi had a brief private discussion with Kathy about the supernatural presence they both experienced when they were young and what happened to their mother. When their servant felt something was not right and tried to ward off the evil in the household, she was dismissed by Dan. Meanwhile Ali began her own investigation after experiencing similar incidences, and came to a general conclusion that a demon was in the house, and maybe after the firstborn ie Hunter, due to some pacts. Nevertheless, after several incidences which, again, spooked the life out of me, resulted in Kristi being possessed by the demonic entity, Dan and his daugther, Ali, now convinced beyond belief, contacted the servant and performed exorcism on Kristi but at the terrible price of passing the demon to Kathy. This explained why a half burnt photo of young Kathy manifested in the attic of their house in the first movie. Everything appeared to be back to normal when Kathy shared with Kristi, who could not remember the entire incidence, that something was not right with their household. Three nights after Micah's death, the by then demon possessed Kathy manifested herself within Kristi's household, killed her and Dan. She then took Hunter away. The epilogue stated that Ali was on school field trip and came back four days later and found the bodies of her parents. The whereabouts of both Kathy and Hunter remained unknown.

In the uh, prequel of the prequel Part 3 (2011), directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, and again with Oren Peli co-producing, the story took place 18 years before the events of the first two movies and explore the origin of what made the demon going after the girls so relentlessly. It was 1988, and there's no digital, compact video camera yet, so old school VHS film camera was the order of the day. The story briefly began in 2005, however, with Kathy delivering a box of videotapes to Kristi, and a year later, as in Part 2 beginning, Kristi's house was burglarised and the tapes had gone missing (a fact retrospectively added as in Part 2, it was mentioned only the necklace Kathy gave to her was missing). I suspected that the burglary was caused by the demon, which in 1988, had manifested itself as Toby, the imaginary friend of a young Kristi. Kathy and Kristi lives with their mom, Julie and her boyfriend, Dennis. Julie's mom Lois made her appearance and seemed to be pestering her to have a baby which Julie refused. Again spooky incidences repeated itself like in the first two movies (and a particularly scary scene involving the babysitter and where the skeptical Julie was finally "convinced" about supernatural presence). When Julie and Dennis installed the camera in their bedroom (to make a sex tape), an earthquake occurred and interrupted them. Reviewing back the recording, Dennis noticed that the dusts fell onto an invisible entity. Encouraged by friend, Randy, Dennis began to place video cameras in the house to record any supernatural activity, which of course did. Throughout the movie, Toby the demon terrorized Kathy and Randy, and began to become aggressive as the story progressed. Dennis also read up a book about demonology whereby he identified the same symbol on a picture of women, which he initially saw scribbled on the wall of the girls' closet. Dennis explained to Julie that the symbol belonged to a witches' coven that brainwashed girls of child-bearing age into having sons, and then forced them to forget. Finally, after much anguish, the entire family fled to Lois's house, Julie's mom. Dennis was disturbed that Lois was dressing Kristi in a bridal gown and when asked who she was going to marry, she answered, Toby. Later that night, Dennis and Julie were awakened by noises around the house. When Julie did not return, Dennis went to look for her, only to realise that Lois was a member of the witches coven he read about in the book. A gathering was taking place with lots of old scary looking women around as well as an invisible Toby. Dennis was eventually injured by an already dead Julie, whom was hovering above the staircase and a possessed Kathy. As Lois stood over him, Dennis was violently snapped backward, killing him, by Toby. Lois, Kathy and Kristi then walked up the stairs to some unholy ceremony which was about to take place. The last word was Kristi asking a growling Toby to follow her.
It is said that a fourth installment of the series is set to be released later this year, around third weeks of October as usual.

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