Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Verve.

I wander lonely streets
Behind where the old Thames does flow
And in every face I meet
Reminds me of what I have run from

In every man, in every hand
In every kiss, you understand
That living is for other men
I hope you too will understand

I've got to tell you my tale
Of how I loved and how I failed
I hope you understand
These feelings should not be in the man

In every child, in every eye
In every sky, above my head
I hope that I know
So come with me in bed
Because it's you and me, we're history
There ain't nothing left to say
When I will get you alone

Maybe we could find a room
Where we could see what we should do
Maybe you know it's true
Living with me is like keeping a fool

In every man, in every hand
In every kiss, you understand
That living is for other men
I hope you know that I am me so come on
I'm thinking about history
And I'm living for history
And I think you know about me
Cause I am

And one and one is two
But three is company
When you're thinking about the things you do
And you're thinking about the things you do
I want to tell you my tale
How I failed in love and jumped out on my bail
Do you understand there's more in a smile than in a hand
In every sky, in every kiss
There's one thing that you might have missed

Why am I going to
A place that now belongs to you
But you are me and so am I
Let's pick it up, let's even try
To live today, so why not smile
Don't dream away your life coz it is mine
Is that a crime this life is mine
But the bed ain't made but it's spilled full of hope
I've got a skin full of dope
~ History, The Verve.

During the Britpop heydays of the 90s, I personally felt The Verve steamrolled through most of the bands which shared their music genre and category with the released their second album, A Northern Soul (1995), and one of the most quintessential albums in musicdom, Urban Hymns (1997). And through lead vocalist, band co-founders and as one of the two (or was it three? :P) ape walking rock gods of his time, Richard Ashcroft, The Verve gave the music world some of the most epic, bittersweet strings laddened, sentimentally full filling and emotional overture yet to be matched till present.

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