Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sally Yeh (葉蒨文).

徘徊叢林迎著雨 染濕風中的發端
低訴細雨路遙若睏倦 靜靠灣灣小草倚清泉
悠悠流泉隨路轉 偶於山中轉數圈
一片軟軟漸黃落葉 蕩向青溪之中飄遠
啊 過去過去多少次心亂 今天今天隨著雲煙漸遠
聽聽鳥語靜望雨絲飄斷 悄悄的風贈我衷心
祝福一串 啊 送你送你祝福永不斷
輕輕地飄 尋覓無邊路遠 借那鳥語
路上細添溫暖拜託清風 奉上衷心 祝福千串
拜託清風 奉上衷心 祝福千串
The evergreen Sally Yeh, Cantopop diva, actress. Typical of Hong Kong music industry style, Cantopop artists churn out album every year or so, there are many popular hits, some are Japanese covers, some American. Not necessary a bad thing. Sally did a Cantopop version of Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" I remembered, and danced on stage with Alex To, if memory served me well. But that's beside the point. This one here is absolutely one of my favourite by her from the same titled album, released back in '87. Ahh, the memories of those days. Carrot cut jeans and school pants, Aaron Kwok hairstyle or perm one sided. The Ipoh Years I call it...

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