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ThreeA ~ WWR : Fantôme de Plume.

I looked to the left path and found it wanting I looked to the right path and found it wanting I am without path, truly free
My Childern Suffer, yet none heed their cry
My tears are fuel with no end
My actions harsh but just
My gift and curse are yours
My legacy, freedom

Barguest saw the reflection of NOM, distorted, splintered and wrong.
Barguest the last of the Fallen, but first to see a new path, balance
was found wanting. Barguest the start of the end.

- The Lamentation of the Black Hound.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Unknown.

Designation: Fantôme de Plume.
Alias: The Lord of Outcasts.
Age: Unknown.
Affiliations : The N.O.M. Legion (former), The Fallens (former), The Bards of Twilight (current).
Ranks: Leader.
Std. armaments: Grendel - .50 Mateba autorevolver x 2; N.O.M. Totenmaske x 1; N.O.M. Lebensunterstützung Hilfesystem  x 1.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; psionic manipulation; ethereal physiology.

Prior to being elevated to the rank of a Nom de Plume, each Nom di Sciple chooses for himself or herself one of the Three Paths, a discipline sanctioned by the Supreme Mother of which he or she will focus upon it. Each of the Three Paths have its own sub-paths. These paths will be studied, practised, and eventually mastered. Then the Nom di Sciple chooses a new path and the process will begin anew. Each new role does not replace completely replace the previous, but adds to the Nom di Sciple's accumulated experience. As a Nom di Sciple passes through these different roles they would explore the different aspects of their own character. As such, a Nom de Plume will usually experienced many different roles and attained a very high, sophisticated understanding of their surroundings, resulting in a formidable individual with immense skills and knowledge in the arts of combat, strategies, tactics and the workings of the universe. All Nom di Sciple who thread a Path must be extremely cautious, for all three paths are highly dangerous to the minds of those who thread it. Some Nom di Sciple focused and obsessed themselves upon a Path that they are unable to leave it upon completion, continuing to thread the Path until their death even after attaining the rank of a Nom de Plume, as in the case of Kuan ti Plume, whom was perpetually lost in the Path of the Warrior and the Seer. In the history of the N.O.M. Legion since the First Founding by the Supreme Mother, amongst the most successful of the Original Thirty Three was Barguest de Plume, also known as the Harbinger of Doom or the Black Hound of the N.O.M. Legion. He was the leader of the feared Dirty Deeds Einsanztgruppen after the unfortunate and premature demise of Noir de Plume.
Barguest completed all Three Paths, but his primary strength lied in the walking the Path of the Warrior. When a Nom di Sciple walks this path, he is given the choice to choose a specific aspect of the art of warfare. Barguest is exemplary in this for he mastered each and every specific aspects of the path, thus becoming the trainer, teacher and instructor of each specific aspects of warfare for the N.O.M. Legion. As such, in each important clandestine attacks on N.O.M. enemies, Barguest and the Dirty Deeds was the foremost Einsanztgruppen to considered for each operation.
However, an unfortunate event unfold shortly after, of which the immensely capable mind of Barguest rebelled against the against the highly structured delineation of achievements which the Three Paths offered. Without the protection of the Paths, Barguest was systematically corrupted and eventually succumbed to promising whispers of greater ascension and prosperity beyond those which could be offered by the Supreme Mother by the Dark Gods of Chaos from the Immaterium. Under his leadership and subtle planning, Barguest begun a civil war within the N.O.M. Legion known as The War of Unbelief. The N.O.M. members aligned to the traitorous Barguest were known as The Fallens. The N.O.M. faction was effectively shattered by this tumultuous event and stopped in the very last minute only by the Supreme N.O.M. Commander whom had to be awaken from Her crystalized sleep and dreams within the roots of Yggdrassil . The Fallens renegade Chapters were defeated but casualties were equally high for the loyalists. Of the Original Thirty Three, only a handful remains.  Some of the Fallens Chapters escaped their death and now roamed the Sol System in warbands, wrecking havoc or sowing discord amongst both enemies and former allies alike. The Fallens warbands are collectively known as The Lost and the Damned, for they now walk the treacherous Path of Damnation. As for Barguest, his physical body was utterly destroyed together with his geist by the Supreme Mother. 
Fantôme  de Plume was a Fallen with the rank of Nom de Plume whom played active role in the War of Unbelief. He was defeated and physically destroyed. However, his geist was strong enough to withstand the grasp and complete corruption of the Chaos Gods. He re-incarnated in his new physical form is composed entirely from pure, psionic energy. He is extremely skilful in hand to hand combat, and his ability to become incorporeal during fighting is legendary. The ability allows any projectile or energy weapons to pass harmlessly through him as well as heal any injuries sustain while in corporeal form.
A shadow of his once mighty self, guilt weighing heavily upon his shoulder, he was banished from the N.O.M. Fortress Monastery, excommunicated and sentenced to a life time journey of eternal self pertinent under the final order of the Supreme Mother. He now leads a warband comprised of former Fallens and renegades known collectively as the Bards of Twilight. Currently referred to as the Lord of Outcasts, his warband has since built a reputation that was equally legendary, mysterious and fearsome. Members of the Bards of Twilight holds ghostly and ethereal forms like their leader. They would unexpectedly appear from nowhere to help the N.O.M. faction in the direst of situations. It is said that the pain and despair of their treachery weighed heavily in their hearts, and they are expected to die but not before redeeming themselves in the eyes of the Supreme Mother for the walking on the path where even angels fear to thread. 

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