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ThreeA ~ WWR : Snow Blind N.O.M. Commanders.

I bind myself today The strong name of the Trinity
By invocation of the same The Three in One and One in Three
And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

A (mis)interpretation:

Names: Kim Lung Wong and Ashby Wood.
Aliases: Thrice Naut and Post Fire.
Age: 39 years old.

Affiliations: The N.O.M. Legion.
Ranks: N.O.M. Commanders - The Blanc Chapter.
Std. armaments: Beowulf - twin barrel 7.63 x 25mm pistol x 1; N.O.M. Totenmaske; N.O.M. Lebensunterstützung Hilfesystem.
Abilities : Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; Psionic manipulation; Transhuman physiology; Master strategist and tactician. 

Thrice Naut and Post Fire are legendary N.O.M. Commanders of the Blanc Chapter. Both are both former Terrans recruited by the N.O.M. (Novus Ordo Missae) Legion due to their latent psychic abilities. N.O.M. Commanders are mighty warriors and battle-leaders of various Chapters within the N.O.M. Legion. They are four times removed only from the Supreme Mother in terms of their powers, skills and abilities. Each is a vastly experienced warrior and warlord, unique in character, who has writ a legend from themselves in battles and slaughter throughout the Great War.    
Post Fire is formerly Ashby Wood, from Perth, Aus Republic. He is said to be an established artist whose primarily oil paintings of robots inspired by the real life Rothchild Corporation warbots as well as risqué depictions of women whose style contain elements of Expressionism. His works, which also span across other types of media, were popular amongst the indie/hipster art scene. Critics were not so kind, however, as feedback include "what a two year old would paint if you were to hand them a brush and a set of oil paints." Thrice Naut is formerly Kim Lung Wong, a wealthy owner of a company manufacturing, distributing and retailing of intentionally rare and pricey toy figures targeting at otakus with plenty of cash and too much time to spend online "zone out" within the Melchizedek universal matrix networks. He is based in Kowloon sub-sector of Sino City Two, Eastasia . He was once convicted of evading taxes and investigated for manipulating action figurines share prices on the Hang Seng Index.
As the Ecclesiarchy of Mars embarked upon a series of blitzkrieg assaults upon Terra as part of their War of Faith, the Frateris Militia launched Operation God's Hammer which involved abandoned and derelict space colony drops onto Terra strategic geo-sectors as a prelude to strategic mass landings. They captured "Viva La Bamba", a 200 miles long "Island 3" type colony cylinder and "Zero Three", an older ring shaped, "Stanford Torus" type colony from Site 2, L4 and intended to drop it on Aus City, the capital of Aus Republic, Oceania and Tokaido Corridor, Eastasia. The remaining PDF (Planetary Defence Force) orbital satellites intercepted the falling colonies, altering its course but two of the largest chunks  obliterated Perth and  Kowloon instead.
Ashby and Kim were lucky. The former was in Neu Yorke sub-sector of Pan Am City One, United Americana for participating in a Mike Low art exhibition while the latter was in Greater Beijing, Sino City One, Eastasia for a toy convention during the calamity.
As Terra mobilised for the Great War while facing blitzkrieg attacks from the Frateris Militia, the entire populations of non-aristocratic, bureaucrats and political classes were forced by their respective governments to answer the call of duty, including Kim and Ash. Furthermore, Ash's works has been banned by the Aus Republic after its High Lord, Margaret Steele declared that "all culturally insignificant works not reflecting the spirit of our nation should be expunged." Kim returned only to find that his entire business empire was literally "gone" after the disaster. All economic and societal resources were geared and mobilised towards the "total war" against the Martians.
Ashby and Kim were both assigned to the 6th Infantry WF "Jungler" Division defending the Sindo-Malay sub-sector of Oceania. During a recon operation in the Kalimantan sub-sector, they were ambushed by a company of Martian warbots and were totally wiped out with the exception of Kim and Ash, whom were saved by a mysterious individual with mask and stalhelm. They instantaneously dematerialised from the killzone.
Suffering from temporary amnesia but eventually regained their collective thoughts, Kim and Ash realised they were way off from Terra. So far off in fact, they realised they were at the Asteroid Belt, within a gothic theme massive fortress monastery of the N.O.M. Legion, the notorious insurgents, terrorist factions responsible for countless bombings, assassinations, sabotages, and attacks on both Terra and Ecclesiarchy of Mars military and manufacturing installations. They were known to kill all witnesses and leave no trace nor information, so it was perplexing for Ashby and Kim to find themselves being rescued instead of being silence forever by the N.O.M. Legion. The reasons were slowly revealed to them - their psychic potentials. The N.O.M. recruits and trains individuals capable of manifesting or possessing latent psychic capabilities.
Ashby and Kim are initiated as the Nom de Guerre legionnaires. Undergoing the intense N.O.M. indoctrinations, trainings in the Threefold Path of N.O.M., and the Ritual of Detestation, Kim and Ash embraced the Teaching of the Supreme Mother. Their original birth names are discarded. As members of the N.O.M., Ash and Kim are assigned the name Post Fire and Thrice Naut respectively. It  signifies rebirth, the first and initial steps towards the Path of the Warrior. The trainings are so intense that majority of their memories and personalities are self-erased, and their pasts forgotten. Having partaking in the Ritual of Mother's Milk, their physical abilities and physiology are elevated to superhuman levels.  Their burgeoning mental abilities are also being cultivated extensively. They are trained further in the anti-armour ancient martial art, the Panzer Kunst, which focuses primarily on neutralising armed and armoured warbots, as well as fighting in zero gravity.  Ash and Kim embarked  on numerous clandestine, sabotage and assault missions on Mars, Terra and space colonies as part of the N.O.M. Legion they are assigned to. As time goes by, both of them began a meteoric rise up the ranks, earning distinctions for their effectiveness and efficiency in combat duties, espionage and saboteur missions, and are eventually promoted to the ranks of the N.O.M. Commanders. They are later assigned as commanders of the N.O.M. Nightwatch and Daywatch Chapters respectively. Behavioural and personality wise, Post Fire is comparatively more temperamental, preferring fiery confrontations and no holds barred assault tactics whereas Thrice Naut is much calmer with a more calculated approach. However, during Operation Maulwulf, the 20th July 1944 Rothchild Luna City Assault, they were grievously injured during battles, facing death. Through the effort of the Supreme N.O.M. Commander, their geists are retrieved from the Abyss before brain dead sets in, and survived.
During the Fallens Uprising,  both Thrice Naut and Post Fire lead their Chapter and hold the last defence of the Zhèn Gate against the Dirty Deeds Kopfjäger Einsatzgruppen. Currently, Thice Naut and Post Fire are two of the eldest and most experienced N.O.M. Commanders within the N.O.M. Legion.

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