Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ThreeA ~ WWR : Square² Mk 1.5a

It's all their fault.
You suck.
My life's shit.
So I want to run.
YOURS. 3,2,1, BOOM!

Don't tell me that I'm crazy
Don't tell me I'm nowhere
Take it from me
It's hip to be square

- Huey Lewis and The News, It's Hip To Be Square.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category: Prototype droid.
Unit type: Experimental reconnaisance droid.
Model type:  Square² Mk 1.
Manufacturer: Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation: Park Enzo Field Experimentation Lab, Ceres asteroid colony (former), The N.O.M. Legion - Selbstopfer Einsatzgruppen (former), the Fallens (current).
Height: 4 feet.
Weight: 80kg (w/o payload) 150kg (w. B1).
Armour type: Super hardened steel ceramic composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 30mm.
Power plant: Single turbo BRINK diesel engine.
Std. Armaments: Hyper auspex - multi spectrum and scanners; Remote enemy intelligence gathering, mapping, target positioning system; Empathy broadcast system; All terrain transverse system; Flippant attitude; "Alpha B-1" vacuum bomb; maschinensegnen Task Intelligence System v.1.

Used en masse by the N.O.M. faction during their assault on Rothchild Corporation on Luna in 20th July 1944, these reformatted via technopathy Squares are originally version 1.5a first produced and experimented on Park Enzo at the Ceres asteroid colony by the Rothchild Corporation. In addition to the standard function as scouts, gathering intelligence and mapping enemy movements and strengths, the experimental 1.5a Squares are intended to serve as saboteurs and raiders, carrying the devastating Alpha B-1 vacuum bombs to infiltrate behind enemy lines and strike at high-value targets of opportunity. The 1.5a Squares are different from the standard Squares, free from their standard child like voice and instead, adapt a hardcore, self-loathing, no holds barred attitude of a foul-mouth punk and anarchist. During the first field experimental test run, the 1.5a Squares ran amok and blown up a large swathe of areas, as well as claiming up to five thousand lives in the Rothchild Corporation experimental enclave, Park Enzo, within Ceres. Considered a failure, the remaining batches are marked for re-formatting for the Flatland Divisions when the N.O.M. Legion besieged the cargo ships and took them back to their Fortress Monastery.  They are imbued with upholding the principle of N.O.M., and become collectively known as the  Selbstopfer Einsatzgruppen or self sacrifice special group. They are specifically teleported to "deep strike" directly upon the position of their targets, detonating themselves and incinerate everything except for warbots with toughest armours or areas with  thickest protect barriers. They caused devastating damages and destruction in the oxygenated environments of the forge centres within the Rothchild City. Like domino effect, each suicide Square blows up one by one, destroying majority of the production lines and defense systems. The Alpha B-1 vacuum bombs also incinerated most of the Rothchild Internal Defense groups. Through them, the Rothchild defense lines were penetrated by N.O.M. warbots and assault groups. A handful of these Squares are still within N.O.M. possession after the assault. These remaining Squares aligned themselves with Barguest de Plume during the War of Unbelief, causing various devastations within the fortress monastery. A handful remains and continues to serve various N.O.M. renegade warbands.

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