Friday, 29 June 2012

Leon needs a cap.

Like I mentioned earlier, I "annihilated" the original Enterbay cap after a botched modding attempt based on the seasoned, skilled sifus works at Sideshow Forum. Couldn't find a replacement but luckily, Heroic's early version of Leon, the "Perfection Killer" has lots of it on the 'Bay and affordable too, so got one and first thing that comes to my puny mind is, will it fit? Not as perfect as what the modders have done of course, but I rolled it up one more layer and yes, it fits. Not perfect but OK. At least not beanie-like look which I feared earlier. The cap is one of the iconic looks of Leon, so without it, its somewhat feel incomplete in character. There's still plenty of room for Leon to be modded, like the shoe shine box, the labels on the box, the markings, the arms of the sunglass, the long john buttons, the shoes and the crappy cheapo arsenal of handguns but not now, just couldn't risk it. At least not yet. Just like how the straps on the box just came off and I have had to glue it. Again. If I were to go all out, just like what I have done to the Takara's Kerberos Panzer Cop, I might as well save the cash for something else instead. Afterall, the Dark Knight Rises is just around the corner, there's Joker v.2, Batman v.2, Tumbler, Batpod, Bane, possibly Catwoman ('89 and TDKR version), the Penquin. And let's not forget the vinyl goodness that is ThreeA. Maybe forced to exit this hobby sooner than I think...

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