Friday, 15 June 2012

ThreeA ~ 3AA 2012 Membership Pack with F-Legion Cyborg 0024491.

"If our Gods and our hopes are nothing but scientific phenomena, then let us admit it must be said that our love is scientific as well."
~ Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Tomorrow's Eve.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Adriano Massimo.
Alias: The Last Borg Standing.
Age: 45 years old.
Affiliation: The F-Legion Experimental Cyborg - no. 0024491 (former); Independent (current).
Manufacturer: The Thruxton Industries.
Power plant: Hydrogen fuel cell.
Height : 6 feet.
Weight : 300 kg.
Armour type: Plasteel ceramite composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 50mm.
Std. Armaments: "The Deliverance" - supernatural baseball bat; carbon nanotube weaved anorak.
Abilities: “The Phalanx” - cyborg martial art; cybernetic enhanced physiology; invulnerability against magic/physical attack; semi-immortality.

Rogue warbots, borgs and zombots are known to seek refuge in the chain of islands north of New Andria which subsequently became known as the Robot Islands. Located on the Adriatic Sea, Apulia sub-sector, the thousands of islands are separated from New Andria by the Northern Frontier, a desolate landscape of empty industrial towers and factories once thrived during the Great War. These rogue bots, freed from their programmes, often attack the populace of the northern sector for resources. In an attempt to wipe them out, the High Lord of Eurasia raised an army consists of six legions of experimental cyborg soldiers, after watching a re-run of "Robocop" on the classic channel and inspired by the movie. Potential candidates are culled from the army severely injured in the Great War. Their entire body and organs are replaced with cybernetic properties. Only their brains remain organic. Even so, each brain has been enhanced with chemicals and implanted with bio-chip, with their memories erase, emotions suppressed. Each legion is one thousand numbers strong. They set out to destroy the rogue bots but ends up being annihilated after a three months intense battle. Known as the "Iron Cage Incident", the legions are trapped and destroyed slowly one by one and piecemeal by the rogue warbots . The ill fated assault leaves only one survivor - a cyborg designated 0024491 from the F-Legion. Reports of the entire siege and battle remain classified by the Terra Military Intelligence and subsequently puts into "memory hole". History books make no reference of this embarrassing incident.
0024491 is relived of his duty. However, his primary programmes remain - to protect the Northern Frontier from rogue robots. After an encounter with King Thumb and his Nefarious Ten Finger Robot Gang which beaten 0024491 to near death, he is rescued by Tommy Mission and the Golden Dolphin. They successfully repair and modified most of the cyborg programmes which allows 0024491 to recall and regain some of his memories prior to the cybernetic surgery. He regains his memory partially from his previous life before being recruited and turned into a cybernetic organism. 0024491 said he remembers he was once known as Adriano Massimo of Greece. He was a former member of the COSD, stationed at the Malabar Front. He requests Tommy to travel to his hometown and retrieve some of his personal belongings as 0024491 cannot physically travel beyond the border of the Northern Frontier as the bio-chip implanted in his brain would automatically shut him down. This Tommy did, and it contains a carbon nanotube weaved anorak and a master crafted baseball bat called "The Deliverance". The bat is crafted from an ancient artefact, a club made from an oak tree used by a Greek demi-god. 0024491 says to Tommy that if he listened carefully, echoes of battles and personal combats could still be heard across space and time. Whether what 0024491 claimed is true or not, Tommy did not bother but "The Deliverance" is indeed a mighty hand held melee weapon. In an act of retribution for the humiliation 0024491 suffers at the hands of King Thumb and his gang, 0024491 uses "The Deliverance" with such skills that not only it could withstand the daemon infused sledgehammer of King Thumb, "The Forgebreaker", the bat broke it apart and defeated King Thumb. The Nefarious Gang were repaired and returned time and time again, but they were now all extremely weary of 0024491, fearful even. But perhaps augmenting the powerful baseball bat in his battle against all the horrendous horde of Zombots and rogue warbots are "The Phalanx", a variant of anti-armour martial arts 0024491 programmed into his bio-chip. "The Phalanx" enables 0024491 to un-leash a devastating salvo of continuous electromagnetic punches up to 1200-hit-per minute, although it would drain 0024491 energy source tremendously. Being a cyborg, 0024491 is invulnerable and immune to certain degree of magic or sorcerous attacks although an enemy mage could attempt to manipulate the only organic aspect of his entire being, his brain. A master techno-arcane mage could also attack 0024491. The cyborg plays a pivotal role in the massive incursion of rogue robots into the mainland during the Robot Islands War.
0024491 currently remains an independent and a sometime ally to the Adventure Kartel Collective, assisting them whenever he could. He remains a lonely soul, forever programmed and destined to be the Northern Frontier vigilante, keeping it safe from all forms of shit-stirring bots and borgs alike.  


Whew, finally the entire membership pack is 'ere after so long. Comes with a messenger bag, the membership ID tag, a cap and of course, the highlight, the F-Legion Cyborg. Nice figure 'cept the fingers get loose after a while. Have difficulty making it grip the baseball bat properly. And darn, I just couldn't adjust the "face mask" properly, making it looks like Ultraman abit.

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