Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ThreeA ~ Popbot : Tomorrow Queen Princess Reinforcements (Replacement).

This is an unprecedented, undertaking by a toy company and a first time experience for a casual toy collector like me. ThreeA actually took the effort and sent an entire, whole new set of the figure with new body for those whom purchased the TQ Princess/TQ Vanilla Pod/TQloper (random) directly from Bambaland previously due to some QC concerns. For my TQ Princess, the left thigh actually has some flaking off, as well as development of a single line of crack along the thigh seem/joint. I didn't border with any complains nor contacting their customer service, which btw, provides top notch service (but just keep it simple and straightforward with the communication if in English). A big thank you to ThreeA. Now, what am I suppose to do with the first one? Where's Chloe? Papa has a surprise for you.

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