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ThreeA ~ WWR : EMGY Armstrong 1G.

I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency

If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong
Cause I won't stop holding on

So are you listening?
So are you watching me?

If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong
Cause I won't stop holding on.

This is an emergency
So are you listening?

And I can't pretend that I don't see this
~ Emergency, Paramore.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category type : Warbot.
Unit type : Mass production sub-flight tactical warbot.
Model type : Armstrong ver. 1G -
Designation : EDER.
Manufacturer : Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation : 12th Emergency Tactical Response Group, Neu Yorke Sector Garrison, Crisis Corps, Pan Am City One, United Americana.
Power plant: Twin turbo BRINK supercharger diesel engine.
Height : 8 feet.
Weight : 3000 kg.
Armour type : Super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 150mm.
Armaments : CLAXTON80 heavy machine gun x 1; Multi-spectrum scanner; Sensorium;  Advance targeting system; Sub Flight System (SFS) backpack;  Task Intelligence (T.I.) ver. 3

The Armstrong warbot series were originally conceived by Darwin Rothchild to serve primarily as security and defence measures against insurgents such as the N.O.M. faction. The Armstrongs were the most technologically advance Rothchild warbots for its time. Their armours are made from Luna Titanium Steel Composite Alloy with hyper-jammers coating acting as a form of anti-detection device. The material is also prove stronger and lighter than the standard super hardened ceramic steel composition armours. The Armstrong series are the first generation of warbots to be installed with an upgraded version of the Task Intelligence (T.I.) systems which enables it to have micro-seconds data processing and independent, task based decisions, enabling it to carry out its duties and objectives with greater effectiveness and efficiency.   
Multi-scanners are bulit into each Armstrong, which detect motion, invisible gases and energy emissions throughout a wide spectrum, such as heat, radiation and most forms of energy given off by machines and humans. These functions make the Armstrong warbots a formidable opponent to any adversary.
The first Armstrong warbots to be manufactured are the zero gravity or 0G version as part of the Rothchild Internal Defence Division consisting of the Shadow Guards and Luna Camo Defense to protect the Rothchild City on Luna. These Armstrong warbots are equipped with the recoiless COLTRANE hyper bazooka,  which utilised plasma warhead, making it capable of penetrating the hardest and thickest armours. Each hyper bazooka comes with ammunition reloader with up to 20 rounds of rockets. The only setback was ammunition conservation due to the hyper bazooka extremely fast firing rate. The plasma electromagnetic containment fields were also prone to overheating and 10 seconds cooling downtime for the hyper bazooka was required after 5 continuous rounds of shooting. Nevertheless, Armstrong warbots were known to resort to using the hyper bazooka itself as hand weapon, smashing and bludgeoning its enemies in close combat. The Rothchild Internal Defence Division Armstrongs were also issued with stealth capabilities, rendering them invisible to enemies' scanners and sensors.
A battalion of 0G Armstrong warbots were formidable, and had proven to be capable of bringing down a destroyer class warship in combat. 0G version Armstrong warbots were equipped with Active Mass Balance Auto-Control (AMBAC) fundamental technology that allows for thrusterless manoeuvring in the zero-G environment of space by means of precise movement control of their limbs. This was combined with the Apogee Motor Vernier Thrusters engine backpack. These devices enable Luna based Armstrong warbots to change direction and performing fine movements with outstanding manoeuvring capability. The technological breakthrough of this warbots make it very much well desired by both factions of the Great War.
Due to high manufacturing costs, Terran and Martian specifications of the Armstrong series were adjusted to reflect lower production costs which would meet their wartime budgets. This version of Armstrongs were re-designated as "1G", reflecting both Terra and Mars gravity and were deployed primarily as both air support strike force as well as ground tactical assault groups. Like the Bertie and Bramble series, the Armstrong series warbots were desired for their versatility.  
1G Armstrong armour utilised a more cost effective super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy. The Apogee Motor Vernier Thrusters based flight system is replaced with the Sub Flight System (SFS). The SFS is a propellant based rocket engine, greatly enabling the Armstrong to extend its operating range and staying in combat longer. Due to internal space limitations, all SFS equipped Armstrong warbots carry additional propellant in external tanks. When the propellant was consumed, the tank could be discarded to reduce the warbot's weight. These tanks used a two-layered construction, with one layer containing propellant, and the other holding extra coolant. 
Both Terran and Martian Armstrong warbots were armed with the standard recoiless CLAXTON80, a twin linked 30mm and 20mm calibre heavy machine gun, with armour piercing, explosive tipped ammunition, firing at super sonic velocity.  
Apart from deployment on the front lines amongst the various theatres of war on Terra, the Armstrong warbots were also assigned along civilian defence, low engagement operations and emergency response responsibilities like the Newel Medic Corps, the Emergency Tactical Response Groups or "EMGY TRG", the Peace Corps and even supply line defence of BcELL Logistics. Its popularity is rivalled only by the Bertie series.
When the Mariel Boatlift Operation occurred between April 15th to October 31st, 1940, whereby refugees from Site 1, L5 "Montana" space colony seeked political asylum and to escape the atrocities of Martian forces after the closure of borders, were prevented from landings by brutal riots sparked by the extremist right wing, anti-space colonists faction, the Anti-Space Colonists Immigrant Front of United Americana. The 12th Neu Yorke sub-sector EMGY TRG garrison in Pan Am City One was deployed and stopped the riots with overwhelming force, resulting in over two thousand human casualties. The garrison successfully opened up the blockades at the space harbours for the refugees to land safely.
In United Americana, EMGY TRG Armstrongs were specially deployed to contain the "block wars", whereby neighbouring residence of mass housing, stratoscrapers fight against each other much akin to a full scale war.  This was partly due to the lack of manpower available to the Justice Department and the Judges whom served to preserve peace. One particularly massive block war is the "Block Mania Incident" in Pan Am City Three, Southern United Americana whereby hundreds of city mega blocks were involved. It took two weeks to put the situation back into control with casualties nearing a million of the total sector population. Another was the Mexicana Corridor Uprising, which claimed countless lives.
Armstrongs had been known to be captured by the M.O.D. faction, re-programmed and re-tasked with new objectives for their own purpose or offer to various rogue factions throughout various space and asteroid colonies.  
As the war progressed, more and more Armstrongs were being introduced and made available to various army groups for both factions of the Great War, and was a standard deployment in all battle theatres on ground, air and the vacuum of space.


Initially, I wanna get the Luna versions but non available, so I was thinking about the Medic version, most likely coz l love bots with Chinese or Kanji fonts on it. Also, I was hoping to start J.E.A, colourways only, but with the "Meat is Murder" pack status now put into the back burner by 3A, I saw this EMGY version on the 'Bay. I was hesitant at first, coz it reminds me too much of a NYC taxicab colours. I took the chances and lo and behold, EMGY colourway just gains a new fan. It is a pity that 3A is increasingly focusing on 1/12th scales figures which offers tremendous choices of colourways, but that's life. I am sticking to 1/6th. This is officially my second warbot after Caesar and catching up is hard to do and the monetary penalty which comes with it is tremendous in secondary market. Afterall, the bots are all just primarily vinyl based, nothing fancy about it, but it looks darn good and cool. Now, if only I could find a N.O.M. Nightwatch Heavy Bramble MK 2.5 next. There's also the Bertie MK3, Dutch Merc colourway available but I am hesitant about that one. Too slim and tall. Let's see how it goes...

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