Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ACI Toys ~ Dr. Martens Boots.

Also known as Doc Martens, Docs or DMs, the iconic boots are given a 1/6th treatment by ACI Toys.
Popular amongst subcultures, particularly in Britain since the 60s, its popularity reached its zenith, at least in my opinion, by the 90s. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane were wearing one, or yearned to own one. The boots to be seen during my college days, I used to own a pair of the classic version, which I could not remember the model. Copycats abound here in the tropics due to its popularity during those times, and outlets sprouted up everywhere. Nowadays, particularly in certain hipster forums, you risk getting "flamed" for proudly announcing that you are still wearing it. What do they know about it. Yes, Red Wings are still my priority but personally, a pair of DM is still fresh in my mind as if it were just yesterday. Pity that they no longer produce it in big quantity in its country of origin in UK, currently all DMs are mostly made in China and Thailand. Not an issue but there are obvious differences in the design. Should have kept my pair. Gave it away.  
I decided to swap the "I don't know what shoe is that" standard worn by a Tomorrow King with the ACI DMs. Also, I reckon since the RVHK Yellow version Old Guard and BBiCN Oya Pathfinder need some distinctions, particularly their shoes. Afterall, the 7 Bones (except for Queeny, and I don't know, maybe the remaining members) wear Converse, so an Old Guard could have worn a classic boots. Pity I could not lay my hand on the cherry coloured version.

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