Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hot Toys MMS 143 ~ Spider Man 3.

"Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-man." ~ Peter Parker.

Here's one of the most iconic superhero from Marvel, the amazing Spider Man. Hot Toys offer this version based on Sam Raimi's memorable trilogy of the masked blue and red superhero with spider abilities movies, the 2002 Spider Man, with sequels Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007). The trilogy stars Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, a high-school student who turns to crime fighting after developing spider-like powers. The trilogy also features also stars Kirsten Dunst as Peter's love interest Mary-Jane Watson, and James Franco as his best friend Harry Osborn. Villians featured in the trilogy include Norman Osbourne aka the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Dr. Otto Octavius aka Dr. Octopus (Alfred Molina), Eddie Brock aka Venom (Topher Grace) and Flint Marko aka the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church). Recurring supporting casts throughout the trilogy include Aunt May (Rosemary Ann Harris), and J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) amongst others. Needless to say, like in all Marvel related movie adaptations, Stan "The Man" Lee makes cameo appearances throughout the trilogy as well as Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" cult actor, Bruce Campbell portraying various characters in each movies. I personally prefers Sam Raimi's version over the latest reboot, The Amazing Spider Man, which is kinda too "emo" for me. Tobey Maguire's potrayal of Peter Parker captures what I personally think the character should be.
My personal favourite would be Spider Man 2. Hot Toys also released the "Black Spider Man" version, but apart from the asking retail price, I was given the opportunity by the ever friendly David of xl-shop to have a look at the actual figure, still available, but notices that the costume is kinda "sticky", which means either there is a "production defect" like the leaking belly oil of the DX 01 Dark Knight or magnet for dust if displayed in the open. I would have loved a version of Venom though. I skipped the Harry Osbourne's New Goblin as I have no feel for it. This version is sold out. Ebay asking price is too high, but luckily, a friend of David is willing part a brand new, unopened one for a very slightly higher than the retail price locally, which, needless to say, I took immediately. The head is not removable, unlike the black version, which also comes with an unmask Peter Parker head sculpt and a diorama featuring the Sandman. Its alright for me though. The webbing are also different, in the sense that this version does not contain bendable webbing like the black version. Again it no big deal. The most important thing is, like the original Superman, this is the original what I grew up with look of Spider Man, which is created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15  on August 1962 under Marvel Comics. Spider Man is one of my favourite American superheroes of all time under the Marvel Comics banner apart from the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk (can't wait for the Hot Toys release, finger cross). And I wonder if anyone remembers The Electric Company educational children tv series produced by the same company which releases Sesame Street? I remembers watching it in the early 80s over RTM, and it features a segment calls The Spidey Super Stories which features a non-talking Spider Man with word balloons and if one were to have a clear memory, it also features future super star, Morgan Freeman as a cop. And then there is the comic strip in The Star newspaper. Although a fan, I never collect any Spider Man comics until the 90s era which features the formidable art works of one Todd McFarlane. This was then the craziness of collecting comic books was at its height, with the by now defunct The Mind Shop leading the way locally, I collected anything and everything about Spidey written and drawn by Todd McFarlane, including the various version covers so hot during those days. It is also around this period whereby Venom is introduced, and I sees in him the ultimate fodder to Spidey as his abilities are the same. I stopped after McFarlane left for Image Comics and becomes a successful entrepreneur in his own right.
The figure is plain and simple, but watch out for those infamous tight wrist pegs. I broke two and injured a thumb in the process. No wonder there're spares. Articulation is there but read the manual first. With HT, they are always so innovative in gadgets and weapons placement. Like the T-1000 magnetised bullet shot holes effect, the detachable lower arm of T-800, Spidey's webbing consists of a small round ring at the end for the wrist peg to slot through it. And I realised why the black version has had bendy on it - to prevent sagging effect. The webbing which has a spreading at the end tends to sag due to the weight, thus could not capture the straight line effect of a Spidey shoot. Or HT could have just gone one step ahead and maybe come up with a type of web which can be bendable and strong enough to support the figure for some classic McFarlance's Spidey poses. Just some wishful thinking from me.
Nevertheless, I am overall happy to have snagged this figure. Excelsior!

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