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ThreeA ~ WWR : N.O.M. Nightwatch Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5

"They who arise in might."

A (mis) interpretation:

Category : Warbot.
Unit type: Mass production heavy support warbot.
Model type: Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5
Manufacturer: The Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation: The 86th "Night Watch" Division, II Corps, Global Defence First Army Group, Terra Coalition Armed Forces - excommunicated 1943.  The N.O.M. Legion - Der Assurgam Spezialgruppe (current).
Height: 7 feet.
Weight: 3500 kg.
Armour type: Super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 150mm; Plates: 130mm.
Power plant: Quad turbo BRINK supercharger diesel engine.
Std. armaments: Panzerfluch - modified AUNTY JACK rocket launcher x 1; The Djin Blade - power weapon x 1; Auspex - multi spectrum scanner; Machinensegnen - modified Task Intelligence System v. 2.

During the blitz across Eastasia and Eurasia sectors on Terra by the Ecclesiarchy's Frateris Militia in 1939, the Terra Coalition Armed Forces established the Day Watch (DW) and Night Watch (NW) divisions across Terra as part of the Global Defence Force against the onslaught of the Reds Army. The Ecclesiarchy of Mars also establishes their own DW and NW divisions on the Tannhauser Gate. The Day Watch and Night Watch divisions immediately gain reputation as a highly honourable military organization with excellent mastery on defensive tactics. Subsequently, these divisions are steadily infiltrated by the N.O.M. insurgence, eventually taken over in its entirety. Acting as the eyes and ears of the N.O.M. Legion, their true allegiance is eventually discovered and revealed during the assault on Rothchild CIty by the Legion in 1944, resulting in all the DW and NW divisions being declared excommunicate traitoris.
The members of the Assurgam Spezialgruppe comprised of the 86th NW Division. They are primarily responsible for the overall defence of the asteroid N.O.M. Legion fortress monastery, keeping constant vigil over possible enemy forces encroachment together with their former DW counterpart. The Assurgam Spezialgruppe are allowed to maintain their distinctive Totemkopf or death's head symbol and black colouration. However they are now emblazoned with the Seal of Trinity. The Heavy Bramble MK 2.5's  Task Intelligence System has been extensively modified, re-programmed and totally "machine wipe", creating a absolute loyalty and allegiance only to the N.O.M. Legion. Through the process of machinensegnen or "machine blessing" by the N.O.M., the Heavy Bramble MK2.5 possesses processing protocols system closed to the artificial intelligence level with self-evolving and learning capabilities in contrast to the standard series version 2 Task Intelligence System. Regardless, they curiously maintain their military culture stemming back from their days as members of the DW or NW. Honour and duty come first for these former Terra Coalition Force army.
The Assurgam Spezialgruppe gains reputation for being masters of defensive tactics. They are noted for showing no hesitation nor fear when putting themselves in the path of danger. They care little for personal glory and would not engage in actions that would jeopardise the safety of those around them. They are always ready to give their lives in battle as they believed themselves already dead and that their only worth are to honour the Supreme Mother through their sacrifices. They unquestionably accept all the hardships place upon them, which include assignments that their comrades feel are not glorious enough. As such, they offer no complaint whether stationed at the forefront of an insurmountable attack or standing alone on guard duty at a Watch Tower.
The Assurgam Spezialgruppe's Heavy Bramble MK 2.5 has Langsam und Schwer etched on their armours, for they are comparatively slow and sluggish by nature but incredibly resilient as Rothchild made them to be, ideal for the defence role as they would stubbornly hold onto their positions regardless of any assaults. When on the move, they march slowly but steadily, absorbing and repelling heavy attack but yet still slog on until they reach their targets and annihilate them. 
Each Heavy Bramble MK 2.5 carries the massive AUNTY JACK four barrelled, shoulder carried missile launcher, of which the N.O.M. Legion renamed it Panzerfluch (Armour's Bane). Each pod contains up to 4 missiles each, fire in tandem pairs, or larger missiles fire one at a time. A “fire and forget” weapon, once a target is selected, all missiles will aim, fire and guide itself to the target through the Logis Engine System. All missiles have surface to space capabilities. It fires surface to space missiles at over 518 km per second, or 45 times escape velocity with an effective range in excess of 15,000 km. All missiles carry a non-nuclear thermal warhead with a megaton explosive yield.  
The Assurgam's Heavy Brambles are additionally issued with an additional power weapon in the form of a warbot class combat knife known as the Djin blade.
During the War of Unbelief led by the traitorous Barguest de Plume, the Assurgam Spezialgruppe fought side by side with those loyal to the Supreme Mother. The team's Heavy Brambles are highly accredited and recognized by the N.O.M. Legion for single-handed held an entire Dirty Deeds Einsatzgruppe to the last warbot standing until a counter-attack could be directed.  


After scoring the African Def HB, I was offered an opportunity to own this rare model of HB, at a reasonable price, from a friend of a friend of a friend. Yes, that's correct. That's where networking kicks in after letting the news out. I was reluctant to fork out anymore moolah for a HB as I am pretty contended with the African Def HB, but just could not resist. I feel guilty of course. After all, it is hard earned cash. Biting the bullet again, and bearing in mind that I still have tonnes of POs with xl-shop, apart from paying bills and ensuring there are foods on the table as well as raising a young family, I took home this long searching after version. It is used of course. No way I could have scored a mint, dead stock ones. Hellbay, yes, but I would have to donate my organs. I was pretty excited. Took it home, unpack it, and...darn, the weathering are all wet! It is like akin to a chocolate figurine! My fingers are all smutched with the colour-ways! I was of course, pretty disappointed, but I did not pursue the matter any further. Maybe it could be that the person may have displayed it under intense down light or perhaps open it only once and then put it back into the clamshell box. Either way, it could cause the colour-way, in the case of the latter, not to dry outright. So, after taking those pics, I put it back into the box, and I must find a space to air it soon, or at least ensure that all the paints are dry. Onto the figure itself, I got it all covered in the African Def HB post i.e. top heavy design issue, too big rocket launcher. There are few small insignificant differences - it comes with one knife, only four pouches instead of five and although it is like a melting chocolate when handled, the colour way and weathering are darn good, my fav thus far, with that Punisher like skull insignia on the front armour. FYI, I am not really into the standard Nigthwatch or Daywatch NOM bots coz its too clean. And I reckon it goes well with the POed Nom di Sciple 27.   

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