Monday, 29 October 2012

Hot Toys MMS 69 ~ The Dark Knight : Batmobile (Re-launched Version).


Technical specifications :
  • Length: 15 feet 2 inches (4.62 m)
  • Width: 9 feet 2 inches (2.79 m)
  • height 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 m)
  • Weight: 2.5 short tons (2.3 t)
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.
  • Engine: 5.7 liter GM V8 engine capable of 500 horsepower (370 kW).
  • Fuel: The "jet engine" on the back of the car was fed by propane tanks.
  • Tires: 4 Interco "Super Swamper TSL" tires standing 44/18.5-16.5 in the rear, and two 94.0/15.0-15 Hoosier Checkerboard dirt tires on the front, with superior grip.
Features :
  • Rear flaps to assist brakes.
  • Attack mode, the driver's seat moves to the center of the car, and the driver is repositioned to lie face-down with his head in the center section between the front wheels.
  • Dual front autocannons.
  • Rocket launcher.
  • Landing hook to Sprung landing stabilization.
  • Integrated fire-extinguishing system.
  • Integrated safety connection to gasoline control
  • Jet engine on back of car for quick boosts/"rampless" jumps
  • Stealth mode, which turns off the car's lights and cuts off the main engine. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor making the car very hard to find in dark places (which makes the mode most useful at night), and can easily throw off pursuers.
  • Explosive caltrops are deployed from the rear of the vehicle, which can take out any cars that make contact with them.
  • Front of car is heavily armored, so the car can ram as a practical offensive attack, and also protects the driver (Batman) while in the prone driving position/"Attack" mode.
  • Both front wheels can eject when the vehicle is damaged to form the Batpod, a motorcycle-like vehicle (the rest self-destructs).

'Ere's da Batmobile, more popularly known as, of all names, The Tumbler, from the Dark Knight trilogy. This is the re-launched version, as I missed out on the first release. Dat was when I first got enticed into picking up this moolah sapping hobby. Time sure passes by fast. I was so closed to press that "buy now" button on the 'Bay, which was going for RM5k and above at that time. Thank goodness I did not. Much have been said and covered on this beast, so I won't go into details 'cept that it is big, and...big. There is absolutely no room to display it at all. So after oogling and tinkering over it for some time, it goes back straight into the box. A masterpiece in its own right, and for moi, captured the essence of a Batmobile.  A personal perspective of what should be a Batmobile, and my imagination of an ideal one would be a cross between a tank ala The Dark Knight Returns (though not to that extremity) and a typical, previous incarnations of Bats' ride. Made of plastic of course, which makes it kinda flimsy on certain parts like those flaps for example. I would imagine if Taowan were to make one out of iron like they did for their military vehicles. Now, I wonder if I could add one or two mini-guns on it?  In the first two movies, The Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the action sequence involving the Tumbler highlights its potential, which has its beginning as a shelved prototype military bridging vehicle. After Bruce Wayne enquired about it from Lucius Fox, he took it for a spin, followed by the line "Does it comes in black?". In the first movie, Tumbler moves like an Ah Beng in a Myvi criss crossing and weaving through the traffics on a Saturday night with Gotham's finest after its tail whilst saving Rachel Dawes. It shows how it could hide itself with a stealth mode, leaps across buildings, enough armours to mow through thick concretes, moves across rooftops and possesses cannon to blast apart obstacles. In the Dark Knight, Tumbler once again shows its tough nature when it engages a dump truck heads on, ramming onto it directly and the sheer momentum causes the truck to literally do a front flip up and  flies backwards. It also intercepts a bazooka rocket launched by the Joker, which finally signals its demise. Damaged beyond repair, and after a few flicks on the command console by Bats, the two front wheels screeches and burn rubbers, releases itself from the chassis to form the Batpod. Tumbler's onboard computer says farewell to Brucie before self detonating. Cute. Like Jim Gordon says, "I've gotta get myself one of this."

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