Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ThreeA ~ Popbot : Tomorrow King Slicer Kyuuketsuki.

Beware of the shadows...

A (mis) interpretation :

Category: Mass production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Kings - GEN 2.0.
Unit type: Slicer.
ID: Kyuuketsuki / The Haunter of the Dark.
Rank: Shatei.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Function: Close assault.
Incept Date: 14th July 1990.
Serial no.: TKG02MAC14071990.
Longevity: 4 years.
Physical Level: A.
Mental Class: C.
Abilities : Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments: The Biting Blade - power blade x 2; 大麻 - battery pack x 1; frag, krak, melta grenade x 20; ion cyclotron power glove x 2.
Kyuuketsuki Slicers are Tomorrow King replicants whom share the same gene seed coding as the Baka Slicers series, and are feared for their superb infiltration skills, stealth tactics and skill at furious close quarter engagements. They also serve as the eyes and ears in the battlefields, reconnaissance teams with expertise in operating independently, often deep behind the Mortis lines, as well as function as scouts, identifying targets and gathering intelligence, and as pickets, saboteurs and raiders as required. In open battle, Kyuuketsuki Slicers are also adept at sudden flanking manoeuvres and infiltration attacks. Their entire torso are tattooed in black, and from the darkness they strike, fast and lethal, and by the time a Mortis titans or Flayed Ones could react, there would only be darkness for them, nothing more. As such they are called "kyuuketsuki", an ancient Eastasian word for vampire. They are created for unseen and guerrilla warfare, only engaging in frontal assaults when no option presents itself. They are  armed with a pair of electro-plated power blades. Known as "the Biting Blade",  these blades tear through armours as though it were parchment and equally shreds bone and flesh alike. These blades are specially powered by electrical source in the form of a battery backpack which power is derived from a form of bio-chemical reaction using the primary component of a plant, the THC. The blades would be sheathed in dark crackling energy field when activated. Kyuuketsuki Slicers are equipped with numerous krak, frag and melta grenades.

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