Sunday, 16 November 2008

At Mid Valley with Esther and Chloe.

Well...I can barely wake up, but awoke I did, irregardless how sleepy I felt, for an outing with Esther and Chloe as promised. Mom wanted to follow us but changes her mind last minute and decided to see sister at Puchong instead. Dylan would have to stay with Siti at home...Esther and I still not confident enough to bring 2 precious out together....We decided to go to Mid Valley as Esther wanted to drop by Robinson since there is a nation wide sales going on at the moment. We also decided to get a Christmas tree for decoration since the Yuletide season is just a month away. We had a nice old school kopitiam type breakfast at Toast Box. Although it was a bit pricey (by the standard of the foods they serve ala half boiled eggs, toast with butter, etc.), it was quite tasty, with lots of butter for the toasts. Chloe seemed to enjoy the breakfast too, finishing half a toast with butter by herself. She also managed to bully me into letting her drank some iced coffee. She made quite a mess as she did not want us to feed her but that's fine by me. We walked about after breakfast, and dropped by Hallmark clothing for kids. Esther bought Dylan some clothing. At night, we went for dinner at Yu Kee, SS14 Subang for Bak Kut Teh. After that we dropped by Subang Parade hoping to get some Christmas trees but there weren't any. I reckoned it was still early for all Christmas items to be fully displayed. Chloe enjoyed herself very much, running about and screaming, laughing.

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