Saturday, 22 November 2008

Christmas Tree 08.

I love Christmas and New Year celebration, from 24th Dec to 1st Jan. I am not a Christian, but yet, there is something about that particular stretch of the week which makes me feel "mellow" and "joyful". Maybe its because when I was young, mom used to celebrate informally the yuletide seasons, with Christmas trees and all...also because I reckoned my birth date lies smacked inbetween those 2 dates. And I like those Christmas songs which they played in those malls and radios. Anyhoo, Chloe and I successfully essembled the Christmas tree bought from Ikea last night (1st successful personal "assembly", I am a DIY phobic). She wanted to use the penknife herself but that's a big no no. Will start planning with Esther on the decoration aspect after this.

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