Saturday, 22 November 2008

Monkey Cups...Restarted.

Dropped by Subang Parade this morning to collect the ordered nepenthes from Fauzi. The following species were what I had bought : a) N. Hookeriana b) N. Rafflesiana (Brunei Giant Clone 99) c) N.Bicalcarata d) N. Rajah e) N.Ampullaria (Red Speckle) and f) N.Veitchii x Fusca. On display and for sale are some really nice 1 year old Hookerianas, in particular, its pitchers. Also I had the opportunity to enquire about N. Jamban (literally means "toilet bowl" in B.Malaysia and B.Indonesia) which I managed to read about in Wikipedia co-incidentally only last night (because the name really "stands" out). Apart from the numerous "toilet" related humours which I can think of about the name itself, the price of this "beauty" is not a laughing matter. Fauzi himself jokingly (I think..) wanna charge me couple of tens in ringgit just for a "sneak preview". Yes, I was lucky because Fauzi happened to have with him a small specimen at his stall for one of his client. And I reckoned this client of Fauzi is probably one of the most hardcore, ardent fan of pitcher plants..because the cost of that specimen I saw (Fauzi did not charge me for the sneak peek and I dare not bring up the subject heh) get this, retail on the upper, uppest range of the hundreds (I know the actual number but if anyone interested, should contact Fauzi directly). And I would imagine if a fine large size "tandas" er I mean "jambans" would probably guessimated to be in region of thousand plus ringgit. Whew!

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