Monday, 3 November 2008

Dylan - "keep saliva" ceremony

I am not sure what to call it but "keep saliva" is a literal translation from Hokkien which mom said is part of the ceremony which Hokkiens must perform for their babies in the fourth month. The simple ceremony involved praying to the house deities, usually Kwan Yin in the early morning of the selected day. Mom specially made a "necklace" consists of pieces of biscuits with a red string to be "worn" by Dylan. As mom cuddled Dylan and prayed to the deities, she would "clean" Dylan's mouth with a piece of the biscuit to represent that Dylan will no longer salivate as before (this of course is purely symbolic). Chloe was all excited too, grabbing the "necklace" for herself in the end. She also took the opportunity to poke the ang ku kueh on the altar. Cheeky! The first pic showed Chloe and mom during Chloe's own "keep saliva" ceremony taken on 26th July 2007.

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