Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Monday morning blues...back to work.

Well, after a week annual leave break, I am back to work. Every Monday morning of the working week is a set routine for me. Wake up at 6am (sharp...unless too sleepy or alarm clock doesn't work). Take a ciggie, brush teeth, shave. Deposit "waste" matter from body to Alam Flora to be recycled. Cold/warm shower. Dress up. Comb hair. Take a peek at both precious. Say bye to mom, Esther. Reverse Esther/mom/dad's MPV/car, depends on who is blocking mine in the porch. Go to Restaurant Ehsan at USJ2 for breakfast. After breakfast, endure massive traffic jam in front of Summit USJ. Take Kesas highway, detour into Elite and exit at Meru junction. Reach office. Make a 2nd "waste" deposit to Alam Flora. Get into character for the "rat race" until 5pm. Usually no lunch ("lunch for wimps" - Wall Street ;)). Endure rain or eye blinding super shiny setting sun. Endure more traffic jam and crazy drivers ie change lane without signal, hogging the middle lane by driving at 20km/h, driving at 200km/h on the third lane trying to force you offroad or bully you into submission by tailgating especially continental cars with single or double digit plate numbers, lorries, nissan liteace drivers, express buses...rally driver wanna-be type weaving in and out of all 3 lanes at insane speed and creating near misses...hmmm maybe the one week break really made me forgot all these routines, "traffic insanities" and as a working stiff for a while.

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