Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Chloe...tantrum again

Came back from work today and mom said that Chloe had been crying non stop. According to mom, it began when Chloe wanna have a bread bun which came in a wrapper, Siti the housemaid helped her to open it and that's when all hell break loose...she intended to open it by herself only. When I reached home, she was still crying and I tried to pacify her by giving her an ice cream but I failed and in the end, mom came to the rescue by gently but firmly pacify her by diverting her attention through "promises" of bringing her to the nearby garden later. She also took this opportunity to bath Chloe as she was in a mess with all the ice creams over her (and me). When relating this incident to Esther later in the evening, she said that this is normal and that's why they call it "terrible 2" (Chloe is about to reached 2 yrs old early next year). But man, it was an awful and heartaching experience, to see Chloe crying all that...so kesian!

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