Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Monkey Cups...crickets for monkeys.

Bought 25 live crickets for me monkeys this evening, costing me MYR1. That's alot of crickets. And crickets need "maintainence" to keep them alive too...the manager of the aquaria shop, Ah Hau said that in future should I need crickets, he would be glad to just give 1 or 2 for free to me...I shared with him about my new found interest on raising monkey cups...I chopped (more like tearing...it's a sad action, I felt sorry to those poor crickets) 4 crickets for all the new monkeys (which honestly is abit of overkill), except for Elvis and Hooky. Hooky's pitchers are too small to fit the the pincer which I used to grab and hold the crickets whilst Elvis' lone developed pitcher has turned blacked and "kaput" (only 2 days!). I actually shifted Elvis to a greater shaded area from the rest, however, I noticed that a new stalk is forming...so I am crossing my fingers...the rest are fine...Venus is stalling though, the growth I mean...there are new leaves/traps forming but at a very slow rate compare to the rate the existing leaves/traps turning black...its been raining and drizzling for most of the weeks, so the low lander I reckoned should be fine, its the highlander which I am worried about.

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