Friday, 28 November 2008

Monkey Cups - Crickets...released

Released all the remaining crickets bought for me monkeys into the garden. Why? Cos of ants. I hate ants. Especially the fire ants. A trail of it creep all the way into the plastic container I kept the crickets cos couple of it apparently died and emitted a really awful smell...I cleaned everything and drowned those bastardos with Morten. Couple of days ago, I noticed that they (the ants) had built some nests on the garden. And I panic-ed cos Chloe, Suetch and Leo loves to be around in the garden. So I grabbed my gear, the El Morteno and carpet bombed the entire area. On top of that I hosed those ants' "palaces" down with waters, and double coated the area with another round of Morten. Apparently it was not effective cos those bastardos "moved" their nests to outside of the compound and me grasses went dead for a couple of acres...oh well.

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