Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Curve Outing.

Went with Esther, Chloe, Dylan and Siti the housemaid to The Curve and Ikano for a little sojourn from being couped up in the house all day. As predicted, the Christmas decorations and display were in shown in full force. We took numorous photos. It had been raining heavily throughout the entire afternoon, thus it was a rather cool day to go out at 5pm. At Ikano, they had set aside a rather large area with polystyrene "snows" everywhere for kids and adults to take pictures. I wonder if those stuffs would get into our nose? There were Santa and his babelicious Santarina on the stage as well. We lined up for photo taking session with the chinese Santa but my eyes were on the bumiputera Santarina ;P. Just kidding. My eyes were actually on Chloe and Dylan who were about to take their first Santa pics. But alas, Chloe got frightened and started crying. So I had to take a fast shot and pacified her. We made a move to The Curve which was just adjacent. The place was packed with crowds! We went for dinner at Kim Gary, a food chain which serves Hong Kong style menu like rice baked with cheese, tze mat nai cha (sock's milk tea), yin yong (black & white ~ tea with coffee) and so forth. After dinner we came to this playground filled with inflatable structures. Esther and Chloe went into the playground and had a great time. We also went to the famous pet center there, which literally had everything under one roof. Esther and I had planned to get a pet dog eventually but the price was exorbitant! I was quite envious of some "showy" dog owners there with their first class pedigree (in both senses...). Chloe was preoccupied with the fishes on display, showing more enthusiasm than the ones at home, which of course was waaay smaller in scale and numbers. I was of course pre-occupied at their exotic reptile section. But alas, the usual snakes and tortoises (no Radiata any more, only Sulcata, which was pricy again...). After that, we went to the Center Court, which again displayed Christmas themed items. Chloe reaally had a fun time there, running about, impromptu singing and getting some crowds to adorably admire her. For me, I was sweating away, worrying and paid full attention to her. I definitely do not want her of my sight. On way out, Esther dropped by Cold Storage to get some groceries and with Dylan basically droooling all over me but its alright and I kinda like his smell :). But an awkward incident strucked whereby both of us did not carry enough cash to pay the cashier! And he already punched in the bill. So both of us had to look for the nearest atm which caused enough misery to both. But after awhile all nerves were calmed and the entire incident seemed embarassingly funny ;). Great night out!

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