Friday, 12 December 2008

Joy Division, New Order

I was introduced to Joy Division as I went through the discography of New Order. A friend of mine mentioned about their history and the rest was history for me. Ironically, up until lately, I had never owned a single album nor compilation by this band. Lyrically dark and with the late Martin Harnett producing most of their songs, it became like a "proto punk" with a slight hint of "industrial" sounding music (and Nine Inch Nails did a excellent job on re-interpreting "Dead Souls"). After Ian Curtis's suicide, the remaining three members (Bernard Sumner ~ Vocalist, Guitarist; Peter Hook ~ Bassist; Stephen Morris ~ Drums) decided to soldier on, recruited a girl (Gillian Gilbert ~ Key Boardist) and became New Order. If Joy Division were about nihilsm, New Order was about optimism and...dancebility.

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